The rights and duties of the Turkish citizen 2022

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Content Index

  1. Civil rights of Turkish citizens
  2. Economic rights of Turkish citizens
  3. Political rights of Turkish citizens
  4. Service rights of Turkish citizens
  5. Religious rights of Turkish citizens
  6. 1 - Maintaining public security
  7. 2 - Respect the rights and duties of others
  8. 3 - Pay taxes and insurance fees
  9. 4 - Preservation of public property

Introduction to the concept of rights and duties

Rights: It is the set of obligations offered by the Turkish state to its citizens, as it guarantees and provides these rights to them, and takes all necessary measures for citizens to enjoy them to the fullest.

Duties: They are a set of obligations between the citizen and the state, or between the Turkish citizens themselves, and often behind these duties are provisions and laws that regulate them and ensure their implementation, and push those who don't do their full duties.

The more a citizen is fully aware of all the details about his rights and duties, the more he can live his life in safety and tranquility, where he knows the limits that should not be crossed, and realizes the advantages he enjoys and his right to obtain, and coordinates between his rights and duties in a way that guarantees him access to all His rights and the performance of all his duties

Turkish citizen rights and their types

The rights of the Turkish citizen consist of several main axes, namely:

1 - Civil rights

2 - economic rights

3 - political rights

4 - religious rights

Civil rights of Turkish citizens

The civil rights are:

The right to obtain all the documents due from a personal card, a passport or a driver's certificate and other documents that are required of a Turkish citizen

- The right to extract a replacement for any lost or damaged personal document that is lost through loss or damage

- The right to establish marriage, register newborns, and register deaths

- The right to inheritance and succession according to Turkish laws and regulations

- The right to obtain all civil rights of Turkish citizens

- Freedom of movement within Turkish territory

- Freedom to travel outside and return to Turkey

- The right to review Turkish embassies and consulates in any foreign country to obtain all necessary services and obtain his civil rights

- The right to grant Turkish citizenship to a foreign wife and children from a non-Turkish mother

- Maintain confidentiality of personal data provided to Turkish government institutions and not share it with any third party without the permission of the Turkish citizen.

Economic rights of Turkish citizens

Also, the Turkish citizen has a set of economic rights, such as:

- The right to apply for public and private jobs in Turkey

- The right to receive a wage not less than the minimum wage in Turkey when working

- Get health insurance, social security insurance

- The right to establish a Turkish company

- The right to own real estate, own cars and other movable and immovable property, and register them with the official departments in your name

- The right to sell property in accordance with Turkish law and dispose of the sales price

- The right to open a bank account, deposit and transfer

- The right to invest in any field of investment in Turkey

- The right to participate in all commercial and economic activities

- The right to carry out all legal financial transactions and document them with the competent authorities in the country

The state is also obligated to save the money of its citizens from damage, theft and fraud in accordance with strict legal controls that ensure that citizens are not subjected to exploitation or fraud, and the Turkish state compensates the damaged properties of its citizens as a result of natural disasters and greatly assists in the compensation processes for unnatural disasters through the insurance systems followed in the country.

Political rights of Turkish citizens

Among the rights of the Turkish citizen to participate in political activity unless it is prohibited. Among the political rights are:

- Freedom to join licensed political parties in Turkey or not to join

- Participation in municipal, parliamentary and presidential elections, whether nomination or voting

- Guarantee of freedom of expression

- Guarantee of freedom of political belief

- Guarantee of freedom of thought

- The right to participate in political associations and organizations and to attend political education courses within licensed and unlicensed activities

- The right to participate in demonstrations and sit-ins and ensure their protection

- The right not to be subjected to any kind of torture

- Not to be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention without reason

Service rights of Turkish citizens

All Turks have the right to obtain free or paid services within the borders of their country, which are educational, health and cultural services, and to benefit from all the recreational facilities in the country.

In addition to obtaining the right to security and protection from the security authorities in the country, and to intervene to prevent abuse or harm, the Turkish citizen has the right to sue to the judiciary of his country and to obtain any right that was taken from him or to prosecute those who exceeded the legal limits against him.

Religious rights of Turkish citizens

Turkish law also guarantees all Turkish citizens the right to practice the religious rites they believe in without inflicting any harm or restrictions on them and the right to join advocacy groups of any religion, provided that this group is not banned in Turkey or prosecuted on charges that undermine peace and security in the country.

What are the duties of Turkish citizens?

1 - Maintaining public security

As a Turkish citizen, you should maintain security and not participate in any activities that would disturb public security and harm others, whether individual or collective crimes or belonging to groups with a criminal background

Turkish law imposes very strict controls on crimes, felonies and acts that violate security, and therefore, you, as a Turkish citizen, must be careful not to disturb security.

Turkish citizens must also resort to the judiciary to resolve any dispute or problem, and not do so without legal cover. The Turkish citizen is also obligated to respect and implement judicial rulings.

2 - Respect the rights and duties of others

Turkish laws impose many rights for those who deal with them, such as the wife, neighbor and business partner, in addition to respecting traffic laws and general rules followed in any Turkish institution.

No verbal or tangible harm should be directed to other citizens. Turkish law also combats all forms of racism, bullying and contempt. It is your duty as a Turkish citizen to abide by these ethics and to know that exceeding them is a violation of Turkish laws and may expose you to be punished.

3 - Pay taxes and insurance fees

The regulations in Turkey impose a set of taxes and fees in many cases, including establishing companies, investing, owning, transferring ownership and other cases, and you have to be prepared to pay the fees due.

You must also pay social security insurance fees to benefit from the rights of Turkish citizens in health insurance, free treatment and other available medical and treatment services.

4 - Preservation of public property

It is the duty of the Turkish citizen to preserve public properties such as parks, sidewalks and all facilities designated for the people, and not to tamper with or contribute to their sabotage.

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