Turkish turquoise card, comprehensive privileges for investors

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Turkish Turquoise Card

As part of the Turkish government’s efforts to provide comprehensive facilities for foreign investors and to issue laws regulating their work, the Turquoise Card System was introduced.

So, what is this card, how to get it, and what features it offers?

Turquoise card is a card that gives investors and their families comprehensive rights in Turkey, similar to the rights of Turkish citizens. This card is based on the points system to obtain it .

Turquoise card aims to support and encourage investment and business in Turkey.

This card will be granted to qualified investors after a period of residence, which entertains foreign investors to take advantage of the rights of Turkish citizens.

The Turquoise Card is also given to skilled people, scientists, athletes and others of exceptional rare talent.

One of the most important advantages granted by the Turkish turquoise card to the holder is the right to obtain Turkish citizenship after five years if he meets the requirements.

Investors can also acquire Turkish citizenship within a shorter period (up to three months) when they own a property worth $ 250,000.

How to get a Turquoise card:

You can apply for a turquoise card at the Ministry of Labor.

Your Turkish real estate company can provide full service for the card.

You can get Turquoise card immediately after the acquisition of a property worth $250,000.

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