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Many people want to buy property in Istanbul and enter the world of real estate investment in Turkey by investing in Istanbul real estate, and this is due to the great diversity of the real estate market in Istanbul, where it can meet all needs and satisfy all tastes, so you can find in the cheapest apartments In Istanbul, you can also find the most expensive and prestigious real estate.

And if you are a fan of luxury and want to buy luxury real estate in Istanbul, today we will talk about the types of luxury real estate in Istanbul that can be found:

Villas for sale in Istanbul:

If you want to buy a luxury property in Istanbul, you will not find better than villas in Istanbul, where the villas are distinguished by their large area and unique designs, and certainly they are often equipped with a swimming pool and a beautiful green garden, and villas are spread in all European and Asian regions of Istanbul Especially the high-end neighborhoods such as Sariyer, Başakşehir, Buyukcekmece and others, and certainly the prices of Istanbul real estate of this type will be high due to the many services it provides and the many features that it enjoys, and it is considered the preferred choice by the wealthy and businessmen.

Luxurious mansions in Istanbul:

The palaces are among the most famous luxury properties in Istanbul, and they were very popular in the past, as they were inhabited by the most important sultans and princes. In our time, the percentage of building and construction of palaces has decreased, but of course it did not lose its luster, the dazzling element when entering it, and we can find it usually In the city center and among the most famous tourist places in Istanbul.

The palaces enjoy their large reservation and high-end decorations, which usually reflect the era in which the palace was built, and the palaces are used today for a variety of purposes. Some of them have been converted into museums visited by tourists from all over the world, while some investors rent these palaces for those who wish to shoot films or Historical series, and some may turn it into a party hall. Thus, we find that it is considered one of the most successful forms of real estate investment in Turkey.

Penthouses in Istanbul:

There are many people who do not know what penthouse apartments mean, as they are spacious apartments that occupy the upper floors of residential complexes in Istanbul and have a charming view of the city from the top. They are equipped with the latest equipment and tools and may contain a swimming pool as well. The thing is, and usually it has its own elevator separate from the elevator of the residential complex, and you may also have a car garage for the apartment as well, and so we find that you will live in unlimited luxury when you choose this type of apartment in Istanbul.

Smart apartments in Istanbul:

Smart apartments entered the real estate world in Turkey at the end of the last century and were able to gain great popularity and become one of the most sought-after types of luxury real estate. Of course, smart apartments in Istanbul have spread greatly and become your target for all lovers of technology and luxury.

Smart apartments depend on an integrated electronic system that controls everything that comes to your mind from the tasks of the house, and by this we mean opening and closing doors, windows and lights, in addition to controlling the air conditioning, monitoring security cameras, alerting when technical faults occur in the electrical cycle, and much more and this is done All through the click of a button, as this electronic system is linked to an application located in the phone of the property owner, and communication takes place through a set of daily text messages that inform the owner of all developments regarding the property.

Certainly, such type of real estate will have a very high price, and this is definitely due to the degree of sophistication and modernity that the apartment enjoys, and prices may vary according to the features and their increase or decrease.

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