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Feb 5, 2023

Types of Investment in Turkey

The strategic location of Turkey must be one of the most important attractions that may push people to invest in it, whether it is a real estate investment or any other type.

Turkey constitutes an important bridge and link between Asia and Europe, which makes it the focus of attention for many. On the other hand, the clear decline in investments in both America and Europe was offset by a rise and increase in investments in Turkey, including the thriving sector of Turkey real estate, which made it one of the most prominent countries in this field.

Therefore, Turkey is considered the third most profitable country in the world. Turkish cities are enjoying great economic prosperity and growth, especially the most prominent among them which is Istanbul, where it has recently witnessed prosperity in all sectors, including the flourishing Turkey real estate sector. This raises the investment shares in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular.

The most important types of investment in Turkey:

  • Real Estate Investment
  • Agricultural investment
  • Tourism investment
  • Industrial Investment
  • Agricultural investment

These investments are considered the most prominent in Turkey and the most prosperous and growing. All these sectors are witnessing a great and rapid development at the regional and international levels. Each type of these investment has its own advantages.

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Real estate investment and its types:

In the context of investment, real estate investment in Turkey, including the thriving sector of Turkey real estate, stands out as one of the most interesting areas. Turkey is witnessing sustainable development in the real estate market, as investors enjoy multiple opportunities to own residential and commercial properties, showcasing the potential of Turkey real estate. This is due to the continuous population growth and the Turkish government's continuous improvements in infrastructure. In addition to the facilities provided by the Turkish government for the benefit of foreign investors.

It is worth noting that on the real estate level, Turkey, including the thriving sector of Turkey real estate, has been classified as one of the best countries to own a property in. It has been classified as the ninth most visited country in the world for achieving goals related to real estate and investments, as the real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a remarkable recovery and great development, which can be proofed by numbers and statistics. Moreover, this prosperity in the real estate sector positively affects other sectors like the tourism sector, which contributes greatly in improving real estate investments.

Real estate investments in Turkey include all types of investments such as:







What are the investment risks?

Investment in its general form contains many risks, the real estate type of which risks may be significant because investing in the real estate fields requires huge capital and large sums of money. This type of investment sometimes brings risks. Those who invest in towers, for example, have to rent offices as soon as possible, and this requires time, patience, and sometimes concessions in the value of the monthly rent or promoting attractive offers to attract tenants to them, where their main concern is to compensate for the high costs they put in investing in this tower.

It is worth noting that it is difficult to sell the property because the demand for commercial real estate, including buying or owning, is not intense or popular enough. If you want to invest in residential real estate, you will have to deal directly with the tenants, find solutions for them, and provide the necessary, and you may also face problems in delaying the payment of rent on time or abruptly terminating the contract before the agreed period. Additionally, challenges like these are essential to consider when navigating the intricacies of Turkey real estate investment. It is also possible that you will suffer some damage in the apartments or rental properties, and you will have to carry out repairs and maintenance and pay additional costs.

Is real estate investment in Turkey appropriate? Why?

Yes, certainly, real estate investment in Turkey, including the thriving sector of Turkey real estate, is considered a great opportunity. As we mentioned previously, Turkey is one of the most suitable places in the world for investment of all kinds. Below are the most important reasons that make it a suitable place for real estate investment:

Turkey's economic stability: Turkey enjoys strong and stable economic performance. It has gone through many economic crises, but it is rising to become stronger than before, which provides a suitable environment for real estate investments. Turkey's economy, regardless of the obstacles it faces, remains firmly among the strongest economies in the world.

Diversity in Turkish real estate: Turkey's real estate market offers a wide variety of options, from apartments to villas and commercial projects, meeting the needs of different investors.

Reasonable real estate prices: In comparison with many other real estate markets, whether in Europe or America, prices in terms Turkey real estate are considered reasonable, allowing investors to access easy investment opportunities.

Laws encouraging foreign investment: The Turkish government has imposed encouraging policies to attract foreign investors, including the possibility of obtaining a real estate residence permit when purchasing a property of a certain value, or obtaining Turkish citizenship when purchasing a property of a certain value as well.

Sustainable population growth: Turkey's continued population growth is witnessing an expansion in demand for housing, which supports continued demand for real estate.

Advanced infrastructure: Turkey enjoys continuous development in its infrastructure, whether in terms of transportation, highways, and airports, or educational, health, and entertainment facilities, which enhances the attractiveness of real estate in different regions.

Opportunities to obtain citizenship: Foreign investors can obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey by purchasing a property worth $400,000 or more.

What are the best real estate investment companies in Turkey?

Damas Real Estate 

 Imtilak Real Estate 

 MAG Real Estate 

Al-Fateh Real Estate Investment 

Tabassum Real Estate 

The future of real estate investment in Turkey?

All indications indicate that the Turkey real estate market is constantly increasing and growing, and this leads to a safe and prosperous future for all investors. Economists expect that Turkey's near future is constantly evolving and growing due to the efforts made by the Turkish government at all sectors, especially in the real estate field, by facilitating the procedures and steps for all investors, which may lead to intensifying competition, improving the labor market, and increasing profits significantly.

Thus, Turkey is one of the most important, prominent, and best options that should be visited by any investor or businessman who wants to bring their project to the pinnacle of success and prosperity and achieve significant financial gains and returns. Turkey is the most appropriate choice because of the continuous improvements it offers, competing against time, and keeping pace at all levels, especially in the real estate and investment aspects.

At the conclusion of exploring the future of Turkey real estate investment, it clearly appears that this market holds enormous potential for investors. As real estate offers continue to diversify and infrastructure improves, Turkey remains an attractive destination for those seeking good returns on their investments.

With continued expectations of improving legal and economic conditions in Turkey, real estate investment in Turkey is expected to remain a favorable option for investors seeking sustainable growth opportunities and high returns in the short term. Ultimately, the future of this market reflects Turkey's continued progress in the field of real estate investment and paves the way for bright investment opportunities.

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