Types of Residence in Turkey

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Over the past few years, Turkey has witnessed a real renaissance in all political, economic and social fields, and this was reflected in all sectors and contributed to its prosperity and development. As a result of this development, a large number of people began to head to Turkey for various purposes: study, work or Even residency, and the most important thing on their minds is how to obtain residency in Turkey. Below we will mention the types of residency in Turkey and how to obtain it.

 Family residence in Turkey:

Family residency is the easiest type of residency to obtain, where a person can obtain family residency when he marries a person of Turkish citizenship, and according to this marriage contract, he obtains a residency whose duration varies from one to two years, but after the end of this period, the person is not deported, of course, as After three years of marriage to a person with Turkish citizenship, you will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship and enjoy its many advantages.

 Residence work in Turkey:

A large number of workers go to Turkey with the intention of work, and this is due to the existence of many areas for investment in Turkey, and this has created many job opportunities for foreigners. Of course, there are some conditions that must be met by the papers that must be extracted so that the work permit can be applied for in Turkey.

As it is necessary for the company that wants to recruit foreign employees to work in it to obtain a work permit for each one of them from the Ministry of Labor and after obtaining this permission, an application is made for obtaining a work permit, and any company that wants to provide its staff with a foreign position To employ 5 Turks for every foreign person.

As for the papers and documents that must be submitted by the worker or employee, they are four personal photos and a copy of the passport, provided that they are translated by sworn translators and certified by a notary, in addition to extracting a health insurance document, and the tax number, which is considered It is necessary and essential to carry out any transaction in Turkey and it is extracted from any tax department in Turkey and does not take long , and it is also necessary for any document or proof of his place of residence and the property in which he resides within Turkish territory .

One of the advantages of a work permit in Turkey is that once you obtain it, you can do it for your family members to obtain it as well, and by that we mean the wife and children.

 Real estate residence in Turkey:

Many foreigners buy real estate in Turkey for various purposes. Some of them want to invest in real estate in Turkey, especially after the great success achieved by the Turkish real estate sector to become one of the most successful and safest investments, and some of them want to buy a property for summer holidays in Turkey, and some of them want Buying a property to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, and there is a category of investors who buy a property in Turkey in order to obtain residency in it, as it is enough to buy an apartment in Turkey to obtain a residence in it for a full year, and this applies to all forms of real estate Whatever the price, this residence is definitely renewable and my family can get it too.

 Tourist residence in Turkey:

The duration of this residence is one year, and you can apply for it through an application at the Immigration and Passports Department. You can also do your mountain electronically via the Internet, and the chance of obtaining it is very high. After submitting the necessary documents, the process becomes very easy and does not take long.

 Study residence in Turkey:

As its name suggests, this type of residency is obtained by foreign students wishing to complete their education in Turkey, regardless of their level of education, ie to complete a university, or a master degree.


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