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Feb 5, 2023

Turkey Real Estate: Types of Title Deed (Tapu)

Turkey real estate has recently aroused the interest of investors from all over the world, due to the features that distinguish it in the field of real estate investment from others and the high profit it offers to its owner. The facilities and guarantees provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors also played a major role in this. With the increasing interest in buying and owning Turkey real estate, investors and Turkey real estate owners have raised questions about the title deed (Tapu).

What is the title deed (Tapu)? What are the types of title deeds in Turkey? What does real estate easement mean? What does agricultural tapu mean? Can more than one owner share a joint title deed? What are the procedures and costs of the title deed for Turkey real estate? How is the commercial registry converted to residential and vice versa? We will answer these and other questions in this article.

Title Deed (Tabu) in Turkey 

The title deed is one of the most important official documents that must be obtained when purchasing Turkey real estate. It is the document that regulates a particular property, verifies the property ownership of the person mentioned in the document, provides information about the property and survey numbers and locates the property. This document is regulated by the Land Registry Directorate.

Title deed is granted only to the owner of the property (legal owner) and people who have rights other than ownership (such as a lessor or mortgage) are not granted title deed. If the property is owned by more than one person, one deed is presented showing each person’s share in the property, and each of them can be given a special deed, but it shows the share of the deed owner in the property, where he writes the owner’s name in the owner’s field with his share.

The title deed shows the ownership of the person (full or partial) mentioned in the deed, if a person’s name is only mentioned in the owner box without mentioning one-third or 1/5 or other, it means that the property is owned by the person named in the deed only, If the percentage is mentioned, then this means that there is a partner, and the person named in the property owns the amount of the percentage mentioned in the bond, such as the partners in ownership are partners in all parts of the property, that is, the real estate partner does not own a designated part of the property and the other partners have other parts, but they are all partners in all.

Each apartment within a building or villa has the right to full ownership or easement. It is an independent property in its own right, so each of these parts must be subject to a special document.

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Types of title deed in Turkey 

There are several types of title deeds that you will discover when you decide to buy Turkey real estate, and they differ according to the type of property, the most important of which are:

Land and Agriculture title deed in Turkey 

These properties that have been registered as empty lands are valid or unsuitable for construction. This piece of land must fall within an area included in the reconstruction plan to obtain land status for reconstruction. However, acquiring land status does not mean constructing a building, or organizing a project and taking a building permit on this plot. It is necessary to look and check with the relevant municipality about the status of the reconstruction of the area. The plot may be located on the road or designated for a public park or green area and the like.

The property that is described as a field is agricultural land, but sometimes the land or plot registered in the title deed may be agricultural land that has been granted reconstruction status due to a change in the reconstruction plan in the area, while remaining on the title deed as agricultural land because there is no revision to the change of type real estate. In these cases, the information must be obtained from the relevant municipalities. 

Construction and building title deed in Turkey 

In this type of title deed, the main public ownership information is mentioned, without mentioning the private information related to the separate divisions of the property. This means that the property is registered as a single unit not divided into separate sections such as townhouses, sheds, warehouses, factories and similar buildings.

Real Estate Facility Deed 

They are documents to register the right of ownership of the property after the final completion of its establishment and the appointment of the independent sections in it with approval to use each section separately, and each section is arranged for the full ownership that proves the ownership of the property.

Colors of title deed in Turkey 

In addition to the types of title deed for all types of Turkey real estate, there are also types in terms of color. Thu, we have two colors and each color also has a meaning, and they are:

  • Red title deed is given when the entire building is completed. It it is issued for many types of real estate, including apartments, villas, or commercial units. 

  • The blue title deed: It is given for lands devoid of any housing units. When a person buys empty land, a blue title deed issued to him/her. 

How can you get a title deed in Turkey? 

If you are asking about how to buy Turkey real estate, you are required to obtain an appointment from the Land Registry Directorate to transfer the title deed. The Land Registry Office makes an appointment for you and sends you information about the amount you have to pay for the transfer of the title deed. You can go to the land registry office with the property owner on the day of your appointment when paying the amount of the fee. Title deed transactions can take 1-2 days to complete.

Finally, there is what is called the link in the real estate title deed law, which is that the person who bought the property mortgages the house as a guarantee for the payment of the bank loan to the property. Hypothec is a record entered in the Land Registry as confirmation of repayment of a debt. Hypothec is removed when the debt is paid off.

The person who buys the property applies to remove the mortgage from the property, and if there is a mortgage on the property you purchased, it must be removed before the title deed can be transferred. The Title deed process can be a complicated case for a foreigner, so we recommend that you obtain an advisory service from a specialized real estate company.

Why to buy Turkey real estate? 

Buying a house or apartment within Turkey real estate is considered one of the most successful decisions in your life, due to the impact of this decision on your life and your children. And that is what distinguishes Turkey real estate and Turkey as a country from other countries. Here are some of the most important of advantages:

  • Life in Turkey is exciting, socially safe and comfortable due to the fact that this country is a mixture of both East and West customs. 
  • The infrastructure in Turkey is considered advanced, modern, comfortable, and satisfactory for everyone who lives in it, in all aspects, whether government services and facilities, educational, cultural, health, and social institutions, both public and private, in addition to recreational facilities, means of transportation, and highways
  • Life in Turkey is considered much cheaper than in Europe, even after the economic crises that affected the entire world, including Turkey. 
  • Real estate investment in Turkey is considered one of the best in the world because the financial returns are large and short-term. It is safe and can never lose. This type of investment is known as a wonderful savings for the retirement period and a guarantee for a decent life. 
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship: by purchasing one or a number of Turkey real estate with a value of no less than 400 thousand US dollars. Provided that the property is purchased from a Turkish citizen and that the property is not sold for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. It is worth noting that both the investor's spouse and his/her children under the age of 18 also obtain Turkish citizenship. 
  • Obtaining real estate residence permit: by purchasing one or a number of Turkey real estate with a value of no less than 200 thousand US dollars, in any Turkish city. The type of property is not required, whether it is an apartment, office, villa, or commercial store.

If you would like to know more about Turkey real estate and the types of title deeds, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, here. The real estate consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

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