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Feb 5, 2023

Villas for Sale by the Sea in Istanbul

Istanbul is distinguished by its authentic beauty and inexplicable charm, which has become a favorite destination for tourists from everywhere. Istanbul's aesthetic features and lively life have attracted thousands of people looking for a distinctive accommodation option in Istanbul's upscale villas and its modern, well-equipped residential complexes. This is the reason why many wealthy people around the world search for villas for sale in Istanbul.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the best villas for sale in Istanbul, the features of these villas, the regions in which they are located, and many other.

Best regions to find villas for Sale in Istanbul 

Usually when you are looking for villas for sale in Istanbul you will look for the best regions for that, as Istanbul is large and every area in Istanbul has its own characteristics and advantages. Thus, you can select each area based on its general character, location, and type of business.

We will prepare for you the best regions where there are villas for sale in Istanbul with sea views. When you search for them on Turkish real estate agency websites, you will find hundreds of options with a wonderful package of features.

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Beylikduzu- luxury villas with sea view: 

Beylikduzu is located on the European side of Istanbul and is bordered to the east by Avcilar, to the north by Esenyurt and Buyukcekmece, to the west by Buyukcekmece Bay, and to the south by the Sea of Marmara. It contains a wonderful selection of villas for sale in Istanbul.

Beylikduzu enjoys a developed and modern infrastructure and provides all means of public transportation, in addition to public and private service facilities. Making it a preferred destination for those wishing to reside or invest in real estate. Boasting a coastline of about 13 kilometers and attractive views of Buyukcekmece Bay, the coastal area of Beylikduzu and many elegant inland neighborhoods in this region have hosted many modern and contemporary projects, into which investors have turned their ambition to own their luxury villas. One of the most important villa projects for sale in Istanbul Beylikduzu is the elegant and highly luxurious Marmara Marmara villas.

Uskudar- Villas overlooking the Bosphorus 


On the far western side of Asia, and on the strategic and wonderful side of the Bosphorus, there are the most important investment opportunities for real estate ownership and villas for sale in Istanbul, within the wonderful Uskudar area.

There is no doubt that the high real estate value of this region is closely related to its exceptional beauty and strategic location, which is rare around the world. Therefore, this region has become the ambition of investors who want to own real estate or search for villas for sale in Istanbul with the highest standards of sophistication and the most beautiful views ever.

Uskudar is famous for its moderate climate, its sea views of the Bosphorus Strait and the Sea of Marmara, and its pleasant green environment, with an exceptional view of the European side of the city.

Uskudar is connected to the city center by the July 15 Martyrs Bridge over the Bosphorus and the Eurasia Trans Tunnel below it, in addition to the Marmiray metro line and sea ferries of a touristic nature.

Arnavutkoy- Villas close to Istanbul Airport 

There are also villas for sale in Istanbul Arnavutköy near the Black Sea, in the northwest of Istanbul, specifically in the north of the municipality of Basaksehir, where Arnavutköy municipality is located. Arnavutköy is famous for hosting the largest airport in the world, Istanbul New Airport, which has become an undisputed global destination, connecting the East and West together.

The famous Belgrade forests extend widely near the municipality of Arnavutköy, and its municipality has a distinctive advantage of its properties, which has become a suitable destination for those looking for villas for sale in Istanbul at the best prices and highest advantages.

The search for villas for sale in Istanbul, Arnavutköy, increased, not only for villas, but for all types of real estate, after the announcement of the concept of the New Istanbul Canal project, which made real estate properties in this region continuously increase, making it a distinctive and profitable investment opportunity.

Buyukcekmece- Villas with sea and lake views


Buyukcekmece is located in the European side of Istanbul. It is bordered by the Esenyurt and Beylikduzu to the east, Arnavutkoy to the north, and the Sea of Marmara to the south. Its ideal location makes its atmosphere closer to the European countryside, away from the city noise and road congestion.
Buyukcekmece is considered one of the areas that most offer villas for sale in Istanbul. It has succeeded in attracting foreign and even Turk investors for real estate investment in this region due to the huge development it is witnessing in the real estate sector, due to its strategic and vital location in the European part of the city of Istanbul, where it has modern and advanced infrastructure, and its properties have amazing and magnificent views of the Marmara Sea coast and the small Buyukcekmece Lake.

After the announcement of the New Istanbul Canal project, construction companies in Buyukcekmece competed to construct buildings and residential, commercial and tourist projects with a modern and sophisticated character that takes into account modern construction standards and attracts all tastes. This has made it possible to have many excellent residential options, especially villas, at attractive prices, and has made it an important area for ideal and appropriate real estate investment, and a place where you can find villas for sale in Istanbul at very competitive prices.

Tips when looking for villas for sale in Istanbul

The choice of location when deciding to search for villas for sale in Istanbul depends on the location of your business and activity in Istanbul. The quietness of the place must be considered, and the location must be fairly close to the tourist and recreational areas, as well as acceptable service limits.

In addition, determining the purpose of the property makes it easier, even if your goal is to buy a villa in Istanbul where you live; You have to keep in mind that its financial value is not the most important thing for you, but the most important thing for you is choosing the right place.

However, if your goal is to invest in real estate only, make your budget dependent on the price and low, so look for villas in the lively places of Istanbul and compare their prices, and always choose the cheapest and the best in the place, because they will be the best in terms of investment.

We also advise investors to search for villas for sale in Istanbul close to the famous tourist areas, which attract many tourists permanently, as this plays a major role in improving the investment of the villa by renting it or offering it for sale.

Istanbul is one of the most famous cities in the world with its wonderful natural landscapes, whether through the vast forests that surround it, sometimes overlapping with the city, or through the scenic views of the sea, so the option to search for villas for sale in Istanbul will be the sea view is your preferred choice for residence, rest and relaxation.

Istanbul tops the list of Turkish cities in the splendor of its sea views, from the heights to the Istanbul houses overlooking the sea, and its houses with wonderful natural views of splendor and beauty take you to other worlds of luxury and magic.

The government of Turkey and the private sector companies are pioneers in encouraging real estate investment by offering features and facilities to owning apartments with great sea views. These apartments enjoy charming and beautiful views and competitive prices on the level of luxury real estate globally.

Villas are the most luxurious residences, for lovers of nature, tranquility and comfort, where greenery, water, beautiful views, privacy and a sense of independence, especially if the villa overlooks the sea in Istanbul.

If you would like to know more about villas for sale in Istanbul, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, here. The real estate consultant will contact you as soon as possible.



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