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Feb 5, 2023

What is the Right Time to Buy Real Estate in Turkey

Today, Turkey has become a basic face for Arab and foreign investors to buy real estate and enter the world of real estate investment in Turkey, due to the many benefits that the investor gains when buying property in Turkey, as it provides him with the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property worth 250 thousand US dollars or what This is equivalent to in addition to the many facilities for owning real estate in Turkey , easing taxes on buying real estate and many more .

But if you want to enter the Turkish real estate market, you must study it well to know how to choose the most appropriate time to buy a property in Turkey. Below we will talk in more detail about this topic..

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How do we determine the most appropriate time to buy a property in Turkey?

As we have already mentioned, the first step to buying an apartment in Turkey is to look at the Turkish real estate market and try to analyze and study it in detail, and if you do not have such experience, you can use one of the real estate companies in Turkey that is known for its efficiency, as such companies It has the best real estate experts and advisors ready to give you the advice you need.

And when you enter the world of real estate investment in Turkey, you will notice that the demand for real estate increases at specific times and decreases as well at specific times. The same applies to the real estate offer. Therefore, you must be vigilant to choose the most appropriate time that will bring you a profitable deal, while waiting for the prices to drop.

It is also necessary to pay attention and ask about all the real estate projects that are being worked on when looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, because it is known that the prices of real estate in Turkey that are still under construction are much cheaper than ready-made properties, and thus you can save a lot of money .

What is the appropriate time to buy real estate in Turkey?

The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing great activity during the spring and summer, starting from the fifth or sixth month, and many people tend to buy real estate in Turkey during this period and change their previous properties, and there are many reasons for them to choose this particular time as the school hours end And universities in the summer, so the family can move without worrying about children’s schools and exams, in addition to stopping rain and clear air, which makes it suitable to start the process of searching for the right property and moving furniture, and the tourism season in Turkey begins at this time and a large number go There are tourists there to spend their summer vacation, and this increases the demand for real estate in Turkey, especially in the tourist cities, as the search for apartments for sale in Istanbul, Antalya and other tourist cities is active.

But you may be surprised when you know that the winter season is the preferred season to buy real estate in Turkey and get the best deals, and this is due to the lull of the real estate purchase process in this period with the presence of large quantities of properties for sale and this allows you to get the best price Also, real estate companies do not suffer from pressure at these times, and this is what makes their attention completely focused on the customer to listen to his demands and try to choose the best property for him.

Also, most of the time the person who offers his house for sale in the winter is forced for financial or travel-related reasons, for example, and therefore he wants to sell the property quickly, and this helps you to get cheap apartments for sale at the lowest prices.

Real estate prices in Turkey :

The real estate sector in Turkey has witnessed a great boom recently, despite the challenges represented by Corona and the global epidemic, but this could not affect the process of buying real estate in Turkey, which witnessed a clear increase, and this was accompanied by a rise in real estate prices in Turkey as a result of the great demand and from This rise is expected to continue in the coming years, so it is necessary not to hesitate to buy the property you desire in Turkey.

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