What is the role of the tax number in the process of owning real estate in Turkey

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Many investors today are heading to buy real estate in Turkey as a result of the many advantages that can be obtained when buying property in Turkey, where real estate prices in Turkey are lower than other European countries, and buying property in Turkey provides the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship Through real estate investment, without forgetting the wide options included in the Turkish real estate market.

As a result of the heavy demand by foreigners to search for apartments for sale in Turkey, this process had to be organized, and this is what prompted the Turkish government to issue the so-called tax number, so what does it mean and what is its importance? This is what we will learn next.

Definition of the tax number in Turkey:

This number is known as the tax identification number, which is nine digits for each individual in Turkey, especially foreign investors, and this number is used in all legal and financial transactions and procedures in Turkey, and the process of obtaining this number is easy and not You need complex procedures, as it is enough for the investor to visit the tax department in Turkey, which has several offices spread in all Turkish cities, and the tax number is very important in the real estate sector in Turkey, as no purchase of real estate can be made without The investor gets it.

What are the uses of the tax number in Turkey?

The presence of the tax number does not mean more procedures, but on the contrary, it was issued to ease procedures and organize all operations, and it has become an essential element in all transactions and procedures, where you need the tax number when paying bills from water, electricity, gas and the Internet as you use it When issuing a driver’s certificate, you need the tax number when opening a bank account in Turkey. It is also necessary to have it when applying for residence in Turkey, and certainly it is a prerequisite to be able to buy property in Turkey or even buy a car, in addition to its importance to pay taxes in Turkey and complete the treatment of health insurance and all other forms of insurance.

What happens if my tax number is lost?

Do not worry, the loss of the tax number is not a problem, as you can simply visit one of the specialized offices in this matter, and there they can extract your tax number for you quickly and easily. There is also a website dedicated to this matter in case you want to see your tax number.

How can the tax number be extracted in Turkey?

You can obtain the tax number by going to the tax department in Turkey, and you must bring a copy of your passport, in addition to submitting any document proving your place of residence in Turkey, such as an invoice, and then asking the employee to give you a tax number and Keep it so you can use it when needed.

As a result of the circumstances that were intended by the global Corona epidemic, it was necessary to find another way, especially with the general ban, and therefore it became possible to extract the tax number electronically through a special website.

Who can obtain the tax number in Turkey?

All foreigners can obtain a tax number in Turkey, and by that we mean:

Anyone who has a short-term residence in Turkey, as usual, for tourism and study.

In addition to those who have a long-term residence

And foreigners who have a work permit in Turkey

And all those granted humanitarian asylum in Turkey

As well as foreigners who do not have any kind of residence in Turkey

As for those whose passport has expired, or who do not have a document proving their place of residence in Turkey, or who reside illegally on Turkish territory, they cannot obtain the tax number.

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