Why Arabs are attracted to real estate investment in Turkey

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Turkey is one of the most prominent countries in real estate investment, whether local or foreign, while Arab investors have the lion's share for foreign investors in Turkey, where they account for nearly 30%, led by Gulf investors, especially those of Saudi nationality.

But the question here is why Arabs are attracted to real estate investment in Turkey, the reasons for which will be known in full details in this article.

1. The quality of the Turkish economy

2. Low taxes

3. Turkish Infrastructure

4. Turkey's real estate market booms

5. Facilitating the procedures of real estate ownership for foreigners

6. Turkey's location, nature and Arab-like habits

7. Facilities provided by the Turkish government

• The quality of the Turkish economy

Many Arab investors are investing in Turkey because of the strength and stability of its economy, which ensures that the investor, regardless of his nationality, will return his money with a satisfactory profit, and he can then invest his money in the Turkish market with a reassuring heart.

In addition to the quality of the Turkish economy, there is also its stability and non-vibration when other Arab real estate markets such as Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia were shaken during the Arab Spring revolutions and subsequent events.

• Lower taxes

The value of real estate taxes in Turkey, whether VAT or other taxes, is so low that it is calculated among the marginal expenses that are negligible as the Turkish government decides to raise VAT on the property when the investor pays its value in foreign currency either dollar or euro, and this attracts many investors to pump their money into the Turkish market .

• Turkish infrastructure

The Turkish Republic has a strong and interlocking infrastructure in terms of basic facilities such as electricity, water, gas or other facilities such as telecommunications, internet and public transportation services.

• Turkey's real estate market booms

The Turkish real estate market is characterized by prosperity and quality and is a fertile soil for local and foreign investments (especially from Arab investors) as it guarantees a good and satisfactory investment return for the investor and preserves the basis of money and manages it in the wheel of the Turkish economy, which means greater production and consumption of services and goods more and thus a boom in the real estate market that was invested in by Arab investors.

• Facilitating the procedures for property ownership of foreigners 

One of the most important and influential reasons for arab investors' attraction to the Turkish real estate market is the facilities that have been made with regard to the real estate ownership of foreigners, which are no different from the real estate ownership procedures of Turkish citizens except the costs of translating contracts and the presence of a Turkish translator with the investor, which are simple costs that cannot be considered to affect the purchasing decision of investors.

• Turkey's arab-like location, nature and customs

Turkey's medium location for Both Asia and Europe makes it an important tourist and commercial destination, which in turn affects the real estate market associated with both the previous activities mentioned in addition to its charming nature and greenery and its views on the seas , including the Mediterranean and Black Sea, as well as its beautiful tourist cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa, Trabzon, Bodrom and other attractive places for tourism where real estate investment is guaranteed profit despite being a bit expensive, of course due to the theory of supply And demand.

In addition to being a Muslim country, this brings it close to the Arab customs and traditions. 

• Facilities provided by the Turkish government

The Turkish government provides a lot of facilities that make real estate investment in Turkey attractive and eye-catching, for example, it grants citizenship to those who buy a property worth a quarter of a million dollars or more, as well as the granting of real estate residence, which can become permanent for those who own a property in Turkey for 8 years or more, of course, in addition to regular maintenance and attention to inspecting the quality of the infrastructure to maintain the value and quality of the real estate.

• Properties that can be invested in Turkey

There are many types of real estate that can be invested in, but first it is necessary to determine the sector you want to invest in, whether the tourism, commercial, educational or medical sector, then it becomes easy to compare the types of properties offered for investment like apartments, villas, houses or buildings .

• What makes the Turkish real estate market distinct from others

The Turkish real estate market is one of the most prosperous and safe markets, so many Arab investors invest in it comfortably unlike other fluctuating investment markets such as the currency market, the stock exchange or the high-risk food and commodity trade which need experience and constant follow-up other than the real estate market.

All you need to start a real estate investment in Turkey is money, an investment plan that informs you while carrying out your business, a little risk and a lot of patience to ensure the largest possible margin of profit. 

It has become easy for anyone who wishes to invest their money to do so in the Turkish market simply, safely and satisfactorily. 


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