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Ten Prime Locations to Invest in Turkey in Real Estate

People who want to purchse property mostly consider Turkey because of its strategic location. Even though if they don’t live in Istanbul but they invest in real estate of Istanbul in order... Read more

How to get Turkish citizenship with the highest guaranteed ROI

Number of amendments have been made to the Turkish investment citizenship law; the amount of
investment has been reduced to $250,000 from $1 million, with the condition that investor has to... Read more

Choosing the right area while buying a new apartment in Istanbul

Do you intend to own an apartment in Istanbul and have no idea which area you should invest in?

In this article we will provide you some meaningful guidelines which would help you to... Read more

Title Deed

Tapu (short for Tapu Senedi) is turkish translation for Title Deed, it is the ONLY record indicating that you
have received full ownership of your property acquired in Turkey. Those who... Read more

In Turkey, Should I buy a ready property or build it myself?

Undoubtedly, Turkey has become the first choice of residence and vacation for all nationalities. It combines European civilization with Eastern Islamic heritage and as a consulting and real... Read more

Turkey economically, future prospects and challenges

Future prospects and challenges:
Undoubtedly, despite all the important achievements of Turkey at all levels, there are
many difficulties and challenges in Turkey economy situation... Read more

Do you invest to buy a residential property or a shop?

If you want to get a monthly profit from your capital investment you
have to take into consideration that “Have you invested in a residential
or commercial property? Read more

Turkey between the achievements of the present and the challenges of the future

Turkey between the achievements of the present and the challenges of the future
Search by real estate adviser Hani Kayali
Turkey is a member of the G-20, whose economies make up 85... Read more

5 reasons why 2017 is the year to finally buy property in Istanbul

Tired of sitting on the fence while you let opportunity after opportunity pass you by before taking the first step towards owning your dream property in Istanbul? You’ve been putting off... Read more