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Corona, A Global Epidemic

In a global atmosphere of panic, accusations by major countries and their regimes of failing to cope with the new CORONA virus epidemic, the question is now about their efforts to strengthen and...

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Basin Express, Investors’ first choice

You must have been visiting Istanbul or searching for property in Turkey , you may have heard about the Basin Express; what is this area, where exactly is it located, what it stands for and why is...

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What you don't know about Esenyurt?

History of Esenyurt: Esenyurt was established in the early 19th century on the grounds of a vast farm which belonged to Mr. Akram Omar Pasha. In 1920-1938: Bulgarians and Romans migrate to the...

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Do you invest to buy a residential property or a shop?

If you want to get a monthly profit from your capital investment you have to take into consideration that “Have you invested in a residential or commercial property?Research by real estate...

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Istanbul airport, technology of the future

Third Istanbul Airport Location Istanbul’s third airport is built in the region along the Black Sea coast of Europe. The airport is built between the areas of Tayakadin and Akpinar, on an...

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How to best manage the amount of obtaining Turkish citizenship

There are many opinions associated with obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment in real estate. Either to invest in housing or successful investment; we have to set our goal, taking into...

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Choosing the right area while buying a new apartment in Istanbul

Do you intend to own an apartment in Istanbul and have no idea which area you should invest in? In this article we will provide you some meaningful guidelines which would help you to choose the...

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How to get Turkish citizenship, with the highest ROI guarantee

A number of amendments to the Turkish Investment Citizenship Law have recently been issued, where the amount of citizenship has been reduced. According to the new law, a foreigner can obtain...

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In Turkey, Should I buy a ready property or build it myself?

Undoubtedly, Turkey has become the first choice of residence and vacation for all nationalities. It combines European civilization with Eastern Islamic heritage and as a consulting and real estate...

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