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More than 7,200 foreigners from 93 countries granted Turkish citizenship for investment in real estate since September 2018

Some 7,242 foreigners have become Turkish citizens since September 2018 by investing in property in the country, Turkish media outlets have reported.“Turkey started a citizenship program in...

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Information about Izmit

Izmit is one of the famous Turkish cities that is distinguished by its charm and beauty and that combines simplicity and modernity at the same time.Izmit has succeeded in attracting real estate...

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Three Turkish cities top global residential cities price index

Global cities experienced only modest growth in home values from April through June, as much of the world faced some form of economic lockdown. While, three Turkish cities witnessed astronomical...

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Information about Uskudar

The history of Uskudar extends from the Greek era, where mosques and churches transport you to the ancient past. It is famous for its beauty and exceptional location as the gateway to Asia from the...

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Information about Kartal and increasing real estate investments there

Kartal is located in the Asian side of Istanbul on the coast of the Marmara Sea. It enjoys stunning views and it is distinguished by its coastal location and proximity to Izmit Bay Bridge and...

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New regulation on real estate trade in Turkey

The “Regulation of the Ministry of Commerce amending the Regulation on Real Estate Trade” was published in the Official Gazette.Minister Pekcan gave information about the change in...

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Turkey’s home sales report 2015 - 2020

Turkey’s residential property sales surpassed 7 million homes during the past 5 years as locals bought 6.9 million houses while foreigners purchased 154,871 residences, according to the...

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