Istanbul airport, technology of the future

Istanbul airport, technology of the future

Third Istanbul Airport Location
Istanbul’s third airport is built in the region along the Black Sea coast of Europe.

The airport is built between the areas of Tayakadin and Akpinar, on an area of ​​76.5 million square meters. The location of the airport is very ideal. The distance between the new airport and Ataturk Airport is 35 km.

Features of Istanbul III Airport
Istanbul Airport, the new airport, has six runways and is capable of receiving one million passengers a year in the first phase and the number rises to 200 million passengers in 2023. The features of the airport are the first of its type in aviation and airports, size and infrastructure, security and safety systems and all the way to architectural aspects that combine tradition and modernity. The new airport can accommodate 114 aircrafts at the same time, and can handle three thousand flights

The Turkish Transport Minister said that about $10.2 million have been invested which is expected to generate about 22 billion dollars in 25 years. It won several international awards.

Airport Future Plans
It is planned to connect the third motorway to the airport, which is 15 minutes away from Taksim, north Marmara Highway and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. The high-speed train will end at the airport transfer station. The railway system will be passed along the old railway line. Consequently, transportation will be provided through all areas of Istanbul via public transport.

In particular, with the completion of the construction of the third bridge, a transit route will take place over the bridge and direct access to the airport with the metro line. Buses and minibuses from within the city will also facilitate the third airport transport system by transporting passengers to the airport.

Airport Flights
Following the full transition at the end of the year, two thousand aircraft will depart from the airport daily; flights to more than 350 destinations will be organized. It is worth mentioning that the new airport is one of the giant projects in Turkey.

The third airport of Istanbul is supposed to replace the Ataturk International Airport and the Turkish president promised to turn the Ataturk Airport into a large park similar to Hyde Park in London and Central Park in New York.

The Turkish government was keen to equip the airport with the latest technology, to allow

Passengers have a unique experience that is easier and safer. The airport has 467 server rooms, 780 telecommunications rooms, and 3267 Flight Information Monitor, 3257 Passes, 4549 Support Calculators, and Nine Thousands of surveillance cameras, staffed by an experienced team. All movements at the airport and its environs are monitored by large, sophisticated cameras to cover an area of ​​77 million square meters.

It also includes many technological applications used for the first time in Turkey, pointing out that there is a keen use of local resources in the airport infrastructure.

Turkish engineers have developed rapid transit systems to serve travelers, and provide services like free internet, waiting areas, intelligent garage system, programming for lost baggage. There are many systems and technology applications being used at the airport for the well-being of passengers, starting with airport security systems down to the airline communication platforms.

Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) Technologies, this company was founded in order to design and implement Aviation and technological infrastructure of Istanbul airport. The company is based on a staff of 156 people, working in three data centers, taking advantage of various aviation systems to provide service to the airport.
“İGABot” Robot, a joint Turkish-Chinese manufacturing, to help the movement of about 200 million passengers arriving and departing to and from the airport. This robot provides information to travelers about flights, and as well as do scanning through its cameras for security services.