What you don't know about Esenyurt?

History of Esenyurt:
Esenyurt was established in the early 19th century on the grounds of a vast farm which belonged to Mr. Akram Omar Pasha. In 1920-1938: Bulgarians and Romans migrate to the center of the region and settle in the northern part of it. In 1967 the name “Esenyurt”  was adopted from Yurt in the sense of home and Esen in the sense of healthy, healthy or happy, meaning Esenyurt “Healthy/ Happy home”.

About Esenyurt Geography and Population: 
The Esenyurt area extends over an area of ​​ 2770 square kilometers in the west of the city of Istanbul and is bordered to the north by the E80 international highway, and South E5 line of the metro bus connecting Istanbul. It is located 25 kilometers from Ataturk Airport, and about 3 kilometers from the Sea of ​​Marmara, Esenyurt is the most populous area in Istanbul, with a population of 891120 inhabitants in 2018, young people between the ages of 25 and 34 are the second largest population in Esenyurt after children, accounting for 20.7 percent of the total population.

Utilities and Services in Esenyurt :
·      Esenyurt has 21 huge shopping malls in its neighborhoods: the most famous malls in Essenyurt are Marmara Park Mall , Torium Mall & Mall Escolet.

·      It has more than ten huge gardens, the most famous of which are: Recep Tayyip Erdogan Park, Martyrs Park, Republic Park, Ataturk Park and Havana Park, most of which were established during the last seven years with the efforts of the municipality.

·      Esenyurt is connected to a public and private transport network that includes high-speed buses, inland buses, and private minibuses. A metro station is scheduled to open in the center of Esenyurt this year and its infrastructure includes a large number of bridges, tunnels and highways.

·      Esenyurt has a number of public and private hospitals, including: the State Hospital and its branch of the Red Crescent Hospital, the European Center and Esenjan Hospital.

·       Essenyurt has multiple educational institutes: Esenyurt University, 93 public schools, and 52 private schools.

Essenyurt Urban Development:
·      The housing and construction sector in Esenyurt is booming after a series of government developmental steps and private and joint sector activity. There is a huge compatition to attract buyers by focusing on quality to attract groups seeking luxury and well-being at affordable prices, and by  focusing on economic implementation to attract groups looking for decent housing at a low price, a price that can in no way be found in the city center old Istanbul, nor in other areas of the city.

·      The average price per square meter of houses in Esenyurt in 2018 was 1947 TL.

·      As demand for real estate in Esenyurt has increased and inflation has generally increased in the last five years, while Istanbul’s overall price increase in the last five years has been 78.1 percent, the increase in Esenyurt has been 90.5 percent. An interesting census in 2017 shows that real estate sales in Esenyurt alone exceeded sales in 76 Turkish states, with a total of 1409,314 homes sold in Turkey that year.

Essenyurt’s Future Prospects:
·   Due to the large urban and service renaissance in Esenyurt, a significant turnaround is expected in the importance of the region and its activities.  The real estate sector would rise with an average of 15 to 20% , this prediction is due to a number of reasons including:

·   Starting in 2017 at a cost of three billion five hundred thousand TL to create a metro line, Metro Mahmoud Bey – Esenyurt passing through the Bahçeşehir Mahal and meeting lines with another metro, thus connecting Esenyurt with Kabatash via Macidiyekoy and Mahmut Bey and Esenyurt with Kirazlı via Mahmud Bey’s locality; these links will make it easy to access the following important sites: Basaksahir , Sim, Sisli , Fatih . The new metro line is expected to be in service by the year 2020. The new metro will be a truly futuristic added value for Esenyurt.

·   The steady growth in the population compared to other municipalities, and the need for new generations to live near their families in neighborhoods they are accustomed to. In addition, Esenyurt has a large number of Arab and foreign residents who are active in their businesses.

·   Unlike many other areas of Istanbul, there is a large, sorted land for construction.

Essenyurt is one of the right investment options for investors if you choose the right location. With regard to housing, modern housing at a reasonable price with great facilities and friendly environment.

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