Real Estate in Maslak- Istanbul

If you are searching for the properties in Istanbul that can give you a quick ROI, then you should consider looking into the houses of Maslak. The most hustling and bustling district sees a rise in property values every year.

Plus, it offers more job opportunities to professionals, which further increases the demand for its houses. We will tell you several useful things about the region to help you with your investment-making decision.

So if you want to know about Maslak and why you should be making an investment in it, then we suggest you keep reading this guide until the end. That being said, let’s start with the basics:

Background and Overview of the Area:

Located on the European side of Istanbul, Maslak is one of the most advanced, modern, and busiest districts of the city. And it certainly wouldn’t be wrong to call it the Manhattan of Istanbul because of the jam-packed roads and busy lifestyle that is free from the restrictions of time. The district is positioned in the heart of Istanbul,that is why you will see a lot of travelers and passengers going to various areas of the city.

In terms of accessibility, residents have the benefit of having a metro station in close proximity, making it pretty easy for them to travel to work without wasting time on other modes of commute. The road network  is also well planned, where each road connects with the other one, so the flow of traffic is pretty seamless. All in all, it is a great district for people looking to invest in real estate because of the fast lifestyle and more accessibility to everything.  

Why Real Estate in Maslak is the Best For Investments?

One of the many reasons why so many locals and foreigners are investing in the region is because of the massive demand for properties. So by getting a property, investors usually keep it for a few years, and when the prices rise, they sell it without any difficulty due to the already present demand. One of the major factors for the increasing need for housing in Maslak is because it is the hub of opportunities.

So professionals from around Istanbul come here for jobs, find a place and settle. Since it is like the New York of Istanbul, you can expect massive skyscrapers too, and one of them is the 47 floors high Spine Tower. Many other skyscrapers are also under construction, and once they are done, the overall real estate value will also see an increase.

In terms of amenities, youcan expect everything in this bustling metropolitan ranging from spa, gym, pools, sports areas, cafes, restaurants, to malls,hospitals, and schools, etc. However, one of the major attractions of the region is the Istanbul Technical University that receives thoudands of students from different parts of Turkey every year. This also makes the real estate market of Maslak pretty attractive for those who want to buy a property to rent it out as many students will be looking for them.

Parting Words:

If you want to get a property somewhere, you can see a quick rise in prices, then Maslak is your go-to district of Istanbul. It has all the ingredients that make a successful real estate market in terms of both short and long term investments.

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