Our Services

Before buying property

Reception at the airport and visiting the property.

Explaining the procedures for purchasing and evaluating the property.

We help you decide where to stay.

Get real estate consulting services offered by our expert team.

Before buying property

After Buying Property

Obtaining a tax number and opening a bank account.

Assistance in obtaining the real estate appraisal report.

Assistance in obtaining the title deed “Tabu”.

Receiving the property and verify it conforms to the contract.

We facilitate subscriptions to electricity, water, gas and internet.

We direct our clients to the appropriate way to obtain real estate loans.

Renting or reselling the property.

After Buying Property

VIP Services

We provide distinguished investors and business leaders with a special investment portfolio that suits their aspirations. This portfolio includes distinguished properties, buildings, hotels, commercial stores and luxury villas. Moreover, we provide them with a feasibility study that suits their budget and interests.

VIP Services

Legal Services

We assist in completing all legal and financial transactions of the property to ensure the rights of our clients.

We follow up on taxes, fees and bills of real estate, and handle legal and financial transactions.

We help you apply for real estate residence permit.

We explain administration procedures to apply for Turkish citizenship when purchasing real estate with an amount of $ 250,000.

Legal Services
Turkish Passport

Turkish Nationality in your hands

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