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A luxury residential and investment project with integrated services and an ancient and very important area $ 733,000

Beyoglu, İstanbul, TURKEY

Project Overview

 In a new vibrant neighborhood next to the Golden Horn and close to all the vital places in the heart of the capital, the new residential, commercial and investment project is located in the Kasimpasa district of the ancient Beyoglu district on the European side of Istanbul, where the ancient region is famous for being the center of the city's industrial heritage and the ships that operate on Steam, the first engineering schools, royal gardens and palaces, the new project is preparing to transform the historic Ottoman shipyards into the real heart of Istanbul once again to surprise Istanbul lovers with a great tribute to the city’s legendary past. The waterfront on the coast is 2 km, and includes two harbors that accommodate 140 yachts, and the project contains 600 residential units and fully serviced luxury home offices, occupied with elegant interior designs, equipped with spacious balconies and wonderful views of the old city, all working to revive the art of living by the water and the Golden Horn.

General Details

House icon
Status Under Construction
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Delivery January 1, 2024
No. of Units
No. of Units 600
No. of Blocks
No. of Blocks 30
Payment Method
Payment Method Cash And Installments

Why This Project?

• The project is in a very suitable environment for families.

• The project is a destination full of diverse activities.

• The project is close to the main and historical sites.

• The project contains cultural centers, hotels and resorts.

• The project provides all amenities and more to the residents within minutes.

• The project is one of the most important investment projects with a promising future in Turkey.

• The project offers luxurious living standards with world-class designed apartments.


A charming view of the coastal palaces on the shores of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus

The residential and investment project pledges to be the new center of Istanbul, where the total land area is 242,000 m2, the total open area is 150 thousand m2, and the waterfront on the coast is 2 km, and it also includes two ports that accommodate 140 yachts, and the project contains 600 housing units and home offices. Luxurious and exclusive, with an area of ​​20,000 square meters, with elegant interior designs, spacious balconies, and unparalleled views of the old city, to revive the art of living by the water and the Golden Horn, as it is fully serviced. All apartments have spacious and spacious areas, starting from 112 m2 up to 532 m2.

The project includes 4 world-class hotels, including the Rixos Hotel, which is an ideal health resort that provides a healthy haven with its distinctive character that caters to different tastes through a sophisticated creative vision of the interiors and its location overlooking the Ottoman gardens, as well as a historic boutique hotel with its own marina surrounded by the gardens of the Aynalikavak Pavilion, One of the four international luxury hotel brands to be presented on the waterfront will revive old European charm, while its seaside mansions will set a new standard for hospitality in Istanbul. From local culture, history and community spirit to express the future of hospitality, the hotels also include luxury shops.

The project also includes 270 stores, a fashion and food mall, and other creative centers and luxury international brands. The project also contains 4 iconic museums of culture and arts, the most important of which is the Plaza Museum, which displays large sculptural works of art and is located at a very active intersection that enables you to access the magnificent Ottoman gardens that date back Its history goes back centuries.

The project Location:

In the real heart of the city at the entrance to the legendary Halic or the Golden Horn

On the new coastline of Istanbul and after being a center of industrial production for centuries, Halic district returns to its essence as a center for decent living through its unique waterfront, Halic is the headquarters of global shipbuilding industry and the factory of the first steam ships of the first Ottoman Empire in the world and the assembly center for submarines, Where the Imperial Shipyards undergo an inspiring transformation through a restoration project led by a team of architecture stars to revive a 600-year-old legacy and return it to the city as Istanbul's charming waterfront, a historic Ottoman garden and two world-class museums meet a 2-km coastline, to be restored The Golden Horn was restored to its old glory by the decentralization of industry and the relocation of the shipyards of Jamaalti and Taskyzak to their new industrial sites on the outskirts.

• The project is located in the Kasimpasa district of Beyoglu district in European Istanbul.

• The project includes various service and recreational facilities required.

• The project is 2 km away from the city center and Al-Fateh.

• The project is 3.4 km away from Istiklal Street.

• The project is 4.5 km away from the Blue Mosque.

• The project is 41 km away from Istanbul Airport.

• The project is 4.2 km away from the Grand Bazaar.

• The project is 3.3 km away from Galata Tower.

• The project is 0 km away from the Golden Horn.

• The project is 4.2 km away from Hagia Sophia.

• The project is 4 km away from the sea.

Project services:

Your new destination to spend quality time with the family

• Museums.

• Warehouses.

• An open swimming pool.

• Private collector.

• International stores.

• Huge library.

•            Spa.

•            reception hall.

• Banquet hall.

• Walking paths.

• Rooms for guests.

• Meeting rooms.

• Restaurants and cafes.

• Balconies and terraces.

• Cafes directly on the sea.

• An outdoor theatre.

• Dedicated places to sit.

• Security, protection and monitoring 7/24.

• Open and closed car parks.

• Spaces and areas of development for children.

• DJ booths to set the mood.

• Theater by the sea on the Golden Horn.

• An exceptional dining hall with an area of ​​2000 m.

• Fish restaurants along the Bosphorus.

• Lush Ottoman gardens next to the Golden Horn.

• Workshop areas for interaction with local designers.

• Millennials to follow the latest international fashion trends.

Investment in the project area of ​​Beyoglu:

The famous Beyoglu district is considered the bride of Istanbul, and the area has a great cultural heritage and many famous urban edifices belonging to ancient historical eras, which you will see from seeing the buildings or streets or the shape of restaurants, cafes and shops in them, which made it one of the most important commercial and tourist areas In the city, the area includes many foreign embassies and consulates, in addition to the passage of the most famous street in Turkey, which is the ancient Istiklal Street, and the location of the most important neighborhood in Turkey, the famous Taksim district, as well as the oldest tramway or electric railway line in Turkey passes in Beyoglu. The Beyoglu area has many vital service and recreational facilities such as hospitals, hotels, universities, many markets and commercial centers that meet the needs of residents and tourists alike. The Beyoglu area is also witnessing a great turnout by foreigners wishing to buy real estate, whether for housing or investment, because of the services it provides. The region and the high profitable returns achieved by the purchased property in this ancient region.

Styles, spaces and prices:

1+1: 112 m2 to 192 m2: $733,000 to $2314000

2+1: 152 m2 to 289 m2: 1416000$ to 4838000$

3+1: 225 m2 to 369 m2: $2,183,000 to $6,313,000

4+1: 243 m2 to 497 m2: $1,770000 to $7,670,000

5+1: 532 m2 7788000 $ PENTHOUSE

Project status: Under construction.

Project delivery date: 1/1/2024

Payment method: cash or in installments.

Compatibility of the project with nationality: Suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Project location on the map: Tersane İstanbul

Distance To

City Center

City Center

2 KM



41 KM

Price Range

Room Type Starting Ending
1+1 $ 733,000 $ 2,314,000
2+1 $ 1,416,000 $ 4,838,000
3+1 $ 2,183,000 $ 6,313,000
4+1 $ 1,770,000 $ 7,670,000
5+1 $ 7,788,000 $ 0


closed car parking
Walking tracks
Central heating
Guarding and cameras
24-hour security
Sea view
City view
Open swimming pool
Restaurants and Cafes
Shopping mall
Receptionist and concierge
Historic bazaar
Parking Lot
24 hour Security
Security Gate
Security Cameras
Valid for Turkish Citizenship

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