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A Unique Project with An Architectural Design That Reflects the Philosophy of Eco-Friendly Life $ 123,118

Basin Expres, İstanbul, TURKEY

Project Overview

In a privileged and attractive location that provides easy access to important sites in the city and with an environmentally friendly architectural design, the investment project rises in Basin Express located on the main roads and the intersection at the real estate market and the center, and our new project is houses and home offices designed with dynamic architecture to meet your expectations, so that the life of the home and work becomes more integrated in a life experience in harmony with nature, the family project stands on an area of ​​​​46,754 square meters, and consists of two buildings with a height of 21 floors and a luxury mall, and the project contains 352 apartments with a home office system, in addition to 12 large stores, The available apartment types are 1 + 1, 1.5 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1, and the spaces start from 64 square meters to 146 square meters, which makes the project a great opportunity to achieve permanent profits for investors.

General Details

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Status Under Construction
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Delivery Delivered
No. of Units
No. of Units 352
No. of Blocks
No. of Blocks 2
Payment Method
Payment Method Cash And Installments

Why This Project?

Apartments ready for delivery.

The project is suitable for those wishing to invest in real estate.

A project designed in an environmentally friendly architectural and engineering style.

The project is suitable for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship.

The project site is considered one of the most important real estate investment areas in Turkey.


For those who want home comfort in the workplace

Our new project offers an environmentally friendly life experience, and it invests the inexhaustible energy of the sun to obtain natural light to renew energy and add activity to our daily life in a design compatible with nature, where the white color, the symbol of purity, was adopted on the facade of the main complex, and the yellow color was used to provide harmony, The family and investment project is located on an area of ​​46,754 m 2, of which 35,261.55 m 2 are the areas designated for construction. The project consists of two earthquake-resistant buildings with a high rise of 21 floors, in addition to a luxury shopping center with a large area. The project contains 352 apartments with a home office system, in addition to 12 stores to meet the needs, such as the shopping center and stores, a lot of restaurants and cafes, with a variety of available apartment types in terms of space and number of rooms, as the apartment styles 1 + 1, 1.5 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1, while the spaces start from 64 m2 to 146 m2. The project is characterized by the provision of integrated services, where the apartments have a smart home system with wide windows and spacious facades, where the apartments of the project provide maximum exposure to sunlight thanks to their large glass facades, and this diversity and richness In the alternatives, brings you freedom and ease of choice, and all the materials used in the construction and the interior, exterior cladding conform to the highest technical specifications and standards on the international level, and all apartments have kitchen from the giant Siemens brand, and a cooling system as well as central heating, hot and cold water system, telephone and internet services with suitable floor sockets, TV outlets and antenna for common use. The parking area is designed to be a common area, and there is a direct entrance from the building to the car park through elevators.


The project Location:

  • A vital location directly overlooking Basin Express Street
  • The project is located on the European side of Istanbul.
  • The project is located directly on the lively Basin Express Street.
  • The project site provides access to every point in Istanbul.
  • Public transportation and private available in the area.
  • The project is located near the Atakoy Basin Express metro line.
  • The project is located near the vital and express E-5 line.
  • The project is located near the metrobus station Yeni Bosna.
  • The area contains many homes office projects.
  • The project is 11 km from the city center and Al-Fatih area.
  • The project is 28 km from Istanbul's third airport.
  • The project is 5 km from the coast and the sea.
  • There are many universities and hospitals in the area, the most important of which are:
  • Imam Al-Khatib High School.
  • Dr. Oktay Duran Vocational School
  • Ariel University
  • Istanbul Aydin University
  • Cardiac Hospital Halkali Muhammed Akif Ersoy
  • Sulaiman Al-Qanuni Hospital for Training and Research.
  • Atakent Acıbadem Hospital.
  • International Plus Hospital
  • 212 Istanbul Outlet
  • Arena Park Shopping Center
  • Mall of Istanbul


If you want to live and enjoy your full energy without wasting time, you should book your apartment in our most famous project on Basin Express Street, where the metro is located directly next to the residence, and you can easily move to anywhere in Istanbul via the E-5 and TEM highways, as well as the Marmara road, the highway that connecting all parts of Istanbul.


Project services:

Many services that will make your life easier

  • Sauna
  • fitness
  • Turkish bath
  • Swimming pool
  • Reception
  • Smart home system
  • Air conditioning and cooling system
  • Closed parking
  • Floor central heating system
  • Security 7/24
  • Modern insulation systems and maintenance services
  • Siemens kitchen
  • Electricity generator
  • Cooling and air conditioning system in the living rooms
  • A meeting room in a professional work environment


Investment in the project area - Bagcilar:

Bagcilar is considered one of the best investment areas in Istanbul at all, as the region has many advantages that make it ahead of the rest of the areas in the city. Bagcilar has a privileged location in the center of the European side of Istanbul, and it also has a strong transportation line, from the subway and bus stations. The strategic area is adjacent to the Basin Express and the E-80 highway, it also contains the most important commercial companies such as automobile and textile companies, the most important means of press and banking services. The investment area is witnessing a great urban development as it is fully serviced by the most important service and recreational facilities from hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centers, and so on, the area is designed today according to the highest standards of quality and modernity, in addition to the availability of all the required amenities, as the area contains many smart apartments, and the projects there are successful investment projects with guarantees of rent with a high return and also prices real estate will reach record levels with the completion of the projects that are under construction, making the prestigious Bağcılar district to It is a major destination for investors and those who want housing and stability.


The Real Estate Developer:

The project was designed by Polita Architecture and the project was developed by 24 Gayrimenkul company with 24 of their employees of real estate experts. The giant company is also constructing many large projects in the city, the most important of which are Studio 24, Avenue 24, Estacion 24, Atakent 24, Halkalı 24, Airport 24 and Arena 24, Express 24 and Goal Plus. The company recently completed the Marina 24 project, which is one of the most important residential and investment projects in Istanbul.

Distance To

City Center

City Center

11 KM



28 KM



5 KM

Price Range

Room Type Starting Ending
1.5+1 $ 130,478 $ 166,610
1+1 $ 123,118 $ 195,383
2+1 $ 157,912 $ 309,802
3+1 $ 281,030 $ 347,273


Indoor swimming pool
Turkish bath
closed car parking
Walking tracks
Fitness center
Central heating
Guarding and cameras
24-hour security
Electricity generator
Smart apartments
Restaurants and Cafes
Shopping mall
Receptionist and concierge
24 hour Security
Security Cameras
Air Conditioner
Valid for Turkish Citizenship

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