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Basaksehir, Sanabel City

Basak Shaheer has recently been talked about as one of the most important and prestigious Istanbul’s preferred areas for both housing and investment. So why Başak Famous? What are the...

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Iraqis topped foreign property buyers in Turkey

Iraqis topped the list of the foreigners buying property in Turkey in June, according to Turkish Statistical Institute data.The Turkish Statistics Institute said on Wednesday that the Iraqis topped...

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Revised Taxes and Fees for Real Estate in Turkey

Revised Taxes and Fees for Real Estate in TurkeyTurkish law contains clear and objective provisions regarding taxes on real estate owners in Turkey. These taxes and fees include:Value Added Tax...

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Turkish Real Estate Citizenship for Palestinian Investors

Investment is a way to increase profits and achieve financial goals. It is necessary to take the right investment decisions, and to avoid risks. Currently, Turkey has given investors a great...

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The downside in the work of real estate marketing companies

Real estate marketing companies play an important and sophisticated role in providing accurate information and various consultations to the client, and introducing him to the right housing or...

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Positive side in the work of real estate marketing companies

Malicious cunning does not need a broker.” A well-known proverb which, in its direct literal sense, offers no need for a broker, those who work in small offices and take large commissions....

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Turkish turquoise card, comprehensive privileges for investors

Turkish Turquoise Card As part of the Turkish government’s efforts to provide comprehensive facilities for foreign investors and to issue laws regulating their work, the Turquoise Card System...

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How do I know this property is best suited for me?

Everyone wants to own a property in Turkey, a property including the options of what he dreams and wishes of location and views, features of luxury and the right price.With our long...

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