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Benefits of acquiring Turkish citizenship

Turkey has significantly reduced the investment amount to grant Turkish citizenship to foreigners, especially to those who want to own property and invest in Turkey. What are the benefits of...

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Title Deed

Tapu (short for Tapu Senedi) is turkish translation for Title Deed, it is the ONLY record indicating that you have received full ownership of your property acquired in Turkey. Those who want to own...

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Turkey between the achievements of the present and the challenges of the future

Turkey between the achievements of the present and the challenges of the futureSearch by real estate adviser Hani KayaliTurkey is a member of the G-20, whose economies make up 85 percent of the...

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Turkey economically, future prospects and challenges

Future prospects and challenges: Undoubtedly, despite all the important achievements of Turkey at all levels, there are many difficulties and challenges in Turkey economy situation causing many...

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الإقامة العقارية في تركيا

This article will help you to know about the types of residence permits in Turkey with a focus on Real Estate Residence which renews every year till you have the ownership of your property....

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Ten Prime Locations to Invest in Turkey in Real Estate

People who want to purchse property mostly consider Turkey because of its strategic location. Even though if they don’t live in Istanbul but they invest in real estate of Istanbul in order to...

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Basaksehir, Sanabel City

Basak Shaheer has recently been talked about as one of the most important and prestigious Istanbul’s preferred areas for both housing and investment. So why Başak Famous? What are the...

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Iraqis topped foreign property buyers in Turkey

Iraqis topped the list of the foreigners buying property in Turkey in June, according to Turkish Statistical Institute data.The Turkish Statistics Institute said on Wednesday that the Iraqis topped...

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Turkish Real Estate Citizenship for Palestinian Investors

Investing is a way to increase profits and achieve financial goals. It is necessary to take the right investment decisions, and to avoid risks. Currently, Turkey has given investors a great...

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