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Feb 5, 2023

Services Provided by Real Estate Companies in Istanbul

After the great development witnessed by the city of Istanbul in all fields, it became the focus of attention of many Arab and foreign investors in order to buy real estate in Istanbul and enter the real estate investment world in Turkey.

And certainly, the real estate market in Turkey includes many options and needs the best and practice to know its keys, and this requires the investor to ask for help so that he is not exposed to fraud and deception as a result of his ignorance, and this leads to the necessity and importance of real estate companies in Istanbul, which offer a large number One of the services for its clients to help you buy an apartment in Istanbul and the most important of these services..

Assistance in choosing the right property:

As it is known, the options are many in Turkey, where you can find luxury real estate and villas for sale in Turkey, in addition to the cheapest apartments in Turkey, and you may be lost as a result of this diversity. Therefore, real estate companies help you by preparing complete lists of suitable properties, according to the specifications that The customer selects it, and through that a great deal of time and effort is saved as well.

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Get the best deals and prices:

Some may delude you that using the services of real estate companies in order to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul means that you pay more, and this is not true at all, as real estate companies in Istanbul work to provide the best homes and real estate in Istanbul at the cheapest possible prices, and there are many The offers and discounts that real estate companies offer to their customers constantly, so you can ensure that you get a competitive price and excellent specifications.

Translation services:

The prestigious and prestigious real estate companies include a special team of translators who are ready to communicate with the investor in the language he speaks, whether it is Turkish or any other foreign language. These companies are also keen to translate all documents and information of interest to the investor in order to be aware of all the details related to buying property in Turkey.

Real estate consultancy:

There is a group of real estate consultants and experts ready to receive any inquiries and questions related to real estate investment in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, and direct you to the most appropriate way and the most successful investment. .

Legal advice :

There are many laws and amendments to the purchase of real estate issued every period, and it is natural that you are not fully aware of all these laws. Therefore, real estate companies include a team of lawyers specialized in real estate affairs in Istanbul who are able to clarify all legal procedures and follow up the process of buying an apartment in Istanbul step by step, making sure that all steps are legal and therefore not subject to fraud or legal accountability.

In addition to accompanying the client and helping him to apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey, clarifying the conditions and working to achieve them.

Property management services:

There are a large number of businessmen and investors who own a group of real estate and land, and they certainly do not have enough time to follow up on all these properties. There is also an important number of individuals who need to leave their real estate and travel abroad, and such two examples will need a reliable real estate management and guarantee Not to destroy it. Therefore, real estate companies provide everything necessary for the property and work to pay its bills and rent it according to the agreement between the two parties, in return for a specific amount of money.

Reception and real estate tours:

Some real estate companies in Istanbul provide their clients with a service of picking them up from the airport with a car and a private driver transporting them to the desired place. They also provide periodic tours of the location of the property or project to ensure that the property meets the required specifications and ensure that everything is going well.

We, in Akarkom International Real Estate offer you our services regarding buying real estate in Turkey in three stages: before buying a property, after buying a property, and during the purchasing process… We also provide you with the latest real estate offers in Turkey that are in line with your desires and the specifications that you desire .. including real estate offers and real estate suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment within a record time of ninety days!


Credibility, honesty and speed are our motto .. Do not hesitate to visit our company at the office or online and request various services any time.


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