Advantages of buying a property in Arnavutkoy Istanbul

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Arnavutkoy is located in the European section of Istanbul, northwest of the city on the Black Sea, and it is one of the 39 municipalities of the city of Istanbul. It was established in 2008 after its separation from the municipality of Gaziosmanpasha. This area is characterized by its simple rural character, calm and tranquility far from the noise and hustle of the city, not to mention the transportation network and the ease of movement from one region to another, Arnavutkoy is one of the appropriate options for buying real estate in Istanbul, based on its mysteries, as it is an important destination for many tourists and owners of money and projects.

• Is it recommended to stay in this area?

Of course, the Arnavutkoy district is one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul. It is characterized by its shining nature, and its wonderful geographical location, which makes it the focus of attention for Arab and foreign tourists, and businessmen frequent it continuously. The area includes a variety of modern infrastructure and high-end services that encourage Stability and residence there, especially that the specifications of the apartments in this area show their development and their suitability to international standards.

• Investing in Arnavutkoy?

It will certainly be one of the most successful investments, because this region is the best choice for thinking on the investment level, due to the many and varied development and urban projects that this region is witnessing, through the construction of modern complexes, and residential apartments with high specifications and the acceleration of industrial development in it, through an abundance of The vital facilities that it acquired in recent years. Which is reflected automatically on the real estate sector. And many of the elements that help and encourage investment in this region strongly.

• Arnavutkoy apartments and real estate

The general aspect of the apartments in this area is that they are located within high-quality housing complexes that conform to the latest specifications. Most of the apartments in this area are modern and contemporary, and on the other hand, this area has another distinctive character on the real estate level. There are many properties and apartments that have maintained Its past and traditions are of an old and modern character. The beauty in this regard is that the Arnavutkoy area contains a variety of options, as the apartments and real estate range between the old and the modern, and both sides have unparalleled sea views, and this attracts a lot of capital to own real estate in Arnavutkoy.

• Lands in the Arnavutkoy region

It is possible to find suitable lands for agricultural investments in the Arnavutkoy area, and other lands for the establishment of various projects on them, and there are also lands with beautiful sea views and a distinctive strategic location. Buy high in this area.

• Arnavutkoy privileges

The area has all the means of transportation that facilitate movement, access to and exit from it, and it also contains many recreational places such as cafes, restaurants and various shopping centers, in addition to private and government schools, which increase the chances of turnout for those wishing to reside there and housing in the long term, especially families who own children of learning age.

The parks occupy large areas of the region, and it is considered a first-class cultural theater, as it witnesses the establishment of many cultural seminars constantly, and this has made it a haven for some interested businessmen, intellectuals and distinguished personalities.

 The area contains many well-equipped and modern hotels that are keen to provide all services that comfort visitors, in addition to medical centers equipped with the best equipment.

Arnavutkoy is considered one of the completed areas in all respects. It is suitable for housing. The real estate aspect is complete and varied, as is the case with major cities. For work, it is an important destination for many businessmen and investors, and for tourism, it is a destination for many foreigners and Arabs because of its distinguished geographical location, its supervision of the Black Sea and its administrative dependency To the city of Istanbul, which made it famous and made it a target for many, the advantages in this region are endless. Those who wish to visit it should not hesitate at all.

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