Egyptians investments within the Turkish real estate sector

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Being a suitable environment for investment and projects, Turkey is witnessing a great demand for it from investors, businessmen and capital owners, as it achieves a renaissance and rapid development in various fields. It also provides many facilities for investors and offers them many temptations, up to giving them Turkish citizenship and giving them a Turkish passport. Turkey has a remarkable turnout, with different goals, some of them want tourism and recreation, and some of them want residence and stability, and some of them go further to invest in Turkey, integrate with Turks, obtain Turkish citizenship and own a Turkish passport, so you find them looking to invest in Turkey for Egyptians and their purpose is to They find information that guides them on the way to invest in Turkey.

The Egyptians are among the Arab nationalities the fastest and most integrated with the Turks, as many of them learn the Turkish language and work with the Turks.

• Living in Turkey for Egyptians

Turkey is one of the few countries that grants residency to all Egyptians and Arabs easily and at low costs.

Turkey also provides great facilities on an ongoing basis to the Egyptians residing on its lands, and the results of a recent meeting between the Turkish Minister of Interior Suleiman Soylu and the Vice President of the Egyptian community in Turkey included the following:

-Facilitating the procedures for obtaining permanent residence for Egyptians in Turkey.

-Cancellation of the conditions for obtaining any papers from the Egyptian consulate and embassy as part of the requirements for obtaining tourist and permanent residences.

- Forming a permanent contact committee between the Turkish and Egyptian sides to discuss the situation of Egyptians and solve the existing problems.

-Recommending the holding of periodic successive meetings to follow up the implementation of the issued decisions and directives.

Living in Turkey is also characterized as being inexpensive compared to the Gulf countries and Europe, with Turkey providing many facilities related to health and educational opportunities for various educational levels, in addition to the ability to move freely between Turkish states without restrictions or conditions.

• The volume of Egyptian investment in Turkey

Foreign investors are increasingly interested in Turkey, as it is a tourism and investment paradise in the Middle East. There are many fields in Turkey, which attract all investors from all sectors. It seems that foreign relations and countries' policies towards other countries do not have that great impact. In general, we see the delegations of Egyptians to Turkey as tourists and investors in particular in the recent period. Egyptians head to Turkey, especially the city of Düzce, for investment.

• Investing in Turkey for Egyptians

Egyptians are among the top 20 nationalities who buy real estate in Turkey. Their classification changed several times, so they came in 2017 and achieved 10th place, to return in 2018 to 13th place, while in 2019 they fell to 14th place, and continued in 2020 as well, while they advanced in the two months The first and second from 2021 to the 11th place, with a number of properties amounting to about 4,000 properties in just 6 years in the period from 2015 to 2020, distributed throughout Turkey, according to the Turkish Statistics Authority.

We can compare this report to know the extent of the Egyptians' demand for the real estate market in Turkey.

Knowing that the goal of those who buy differs, there are those who buy in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, and there are those who buy in order to settle in Turkey, and another part buys a property for investment later.

When buying an apartment in Turkey, the matter must be studied to the fullest, legally, meaning is there a seizure of the property from the state, for example, as well as looking at the area in which the property is located, if the area is high-end or popular, and whether the real estate in it is heading towards an increase in price, so it is suitable The real estate is to be an investment project. Are there projects next to the real estate, such as the opening of a metro or the like, and all of what we mentioned requires the presence of an entity that guides you and puts its expertise in your hands to get the right property for you.

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