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Feb 5, 2023

Turkey Real Estate: Learn about Trabzon, Turkey's Paradise

Arab tourists sing about Trabzon, its vitality, and its enchanting natural beauty, which prompted a large number of tourists and real estate investors to buy luxury apartments and villas to enjoy the picturesque nature of Trabzon during the summer vacation or throughout the year.

Trabzon, overlooking the Black Sea, has become, by its nature and beauty, one of the most important tourist destinations for an enjoyable vacation, and the destination for those looking for calm and nature away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities, where Trabzon countryside is unique in its beautiful and charming nature that you rarely find anywhere else in the world.

The beauty of nature in Trabzon increases during the autumn thanks to the diverse vegetation cover, where the colors of yellow, red and brown mix, in a divine palette that one cannot describe. .

The tourist season in Trabzon peaks during the summer and the visitor can practice some different tourist activities such as water biking, paragliding and having breakfast or lunch on the lake side.


The most important tourist stations in Trabzon

Uzungol is a piece of paradise

The village of Uzungöl is the first tourist destination for tourists once they leave Trabzon Airport, as it is the most prominent landmark in the city that some call Turkey's paradise.

Uzungöl is distinguished by its wonderful green nature, which embraces the most beautiful and famous lakes, Uzungöl Lake, which means the long lake. This lake was formed about five centuries ago, as a result of the loading of stones by the "Haladizan" river, which led to the closure of the valley, and with the passage of time it turned into a lake.

The lake is located on the slopes of the Soganli Mountains covered with dense green trees. It rises about one thousand and one hundred meters above sea level, and its circumference is 7 km. It is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, and it is a wonderful place for roaming in the charming nature, and camping, especially between the months of May. July, when the weather is mild and sunny.

It is intended for tourists, visitors, and families to enjoy its fresh air and wonderful view of its waters, especially in the summer, the weather is pleasant and pleasant, but in winter the lake freezes, and the area is covered with white snow.

Arab visitors to Uzungöl enjoy visiting the hotels and wooden houses scattered on the sides of the longest natural lake in Turkey, which is in the middle of the region and is surrounded by trees covered with mountains and dense forests on all sides. The lake is also surrounded by many wooden cafes surrounded by trees.

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Green plateaus

Trabzon is distinguished by its rich green hills, which give it a special splendor of unique beauty that enters its visitor in a state of high recovery, and it is also possible to stay in the lap of nature by staying in one of the wooden huts located on the hills.

The visitor to the city of Trabzon begins his tour by discovering the hills of Karadag, passing through the hills of Kuli Dag, then the Khader Nabi plateau and other high mountains that can be climbed and take beautiful pictures there, and learn about the nature of people and their simplicity in those green places. With all welcome and a screen and exchanged with him the parties to talk openly.

Boz Tabeh

Boz Tabeh means the top of the ice, but it is not as cold as its name suggests. It was called by this name because it is one of the peaks on which the fresh breeze blows in the summer. This summit is characterized by its high altitude and a distinctive view of the Black Sea coast, and can be climbed to it by cable car.

Badistan market

Badistan is a Persian word meaning valuable goods such as cloth, gold, jewelry, and ornaments. Badastan market is a closed Ottoman market characterized by its unique engineering architecture, wide area, and diverse and huge shops

Baristera Temple

It is a Byzantine temple established by the Orthodox Byzantines in the year 752 AD. The temple enjoys a distinctive and unique location as it is located on the top of a mountain with a unique architectural style that is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Hagia Sophia Museum

The museum was established as a church for worship in 1250 by the Byzantine Emperor "Monwal", but after the establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1923, some restorations were made to the church and turned into a distinctive museum containing many historical monuments of Trabzon and the civilizations that followed on its lands.

Trabzon Castle

Trabzon Castle occupies a place at the highest peaks of the Trabzon Mountains. The castle was built to repel potential attacks from the Black Sea. Today the castle contains several cafes overlooking the coast and thick green trees.

Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery is one of the most famous and beautiful temples of Trabzon. Historical legends tell that two monks witnessed in their dreams the Prophet Jesus and his mother Mary, peace be upon them. It is said that the Prophet Jesus and his mother Mary referred to these two monks by building a large temple inside Mount Sumela. This morning, these two monks went to the emperor of the age and presented the matter to him, and the emperor agreed without any objection. Today, a visitor to the Sumela Monastery can see the magnificence and grandeur of the architecture, which is reflected in its construction inside a mountain with a unique professional architecture.

Part of the historic Sumela Monastery has reopened to tourists and visitors after restoration was completed and restrictions were eased recently. It represents one of the most important tourist attractions in the Turkish state of Trabzon, located on the Black Sea. The city's municipality seeks to permanently add the monastery, also known as the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, to the UNESCO World Heritage List, after it was temporarily included in the list in 2000.

Kirklar mosque among the clouds

With its view of a steep slope, and the flow of clouds from under it and on its edges, the “Kirklar” mosque, located in the “Soganli” mountains, east of the Black Sea, fascinates its visitors; Especially nature buffs. Where the mosque is located between the states of Trabzon and Bayburt, on the edge of the “rocky” slopes of “Yalcin” of the Soganli Mountains, known among the people of the region as (Kirklar Plateau); Which reaches an altitude of 3200 meters above sea level.

The mosque is surrounded by steep slopes on 3 sides, allowing its visitors the opportunity to witness the most beautiful views of the neighborhood, sometimes above and below the clouds at other times.

The date of the construction of the mosque is unknown, as it was previously a great place for worshipers, and it has become a destination for nature enthusiasts in recent years as well. The path to the mosque does not include paved roads, which makes walking among the roads and rocks, the only way to visit the mosque.


Real estate investment in Trabzon

Trabzon, with its picturesque nature, attracts tourists and vacationers, with the increasing demand by forgien investors on Trabzon, the real estate investment market has flourished significantly.

According to Ms. "Ozdil Sahin", Deputy Director of the Consulting Department at EVA Real Estate Appraisal Company, in statements to a Turkish real estate website in 2019, Trabzon has topped the list of preferred cities for real estate investment for foreigners in the last five years, where she said: Arabs frequent Trabzon, Rize, Artvin and Ordu in large numbers, Among the most important reasons why Arabs prefer it: its moderate, rainy climate, nature, and charming greenery, in addition to the relatively low real estate price compared to Istanbul and Antalya, and the presence of an airport in Trabzon and the ease of transportation to it is one of the most important factors of preference among real estate investors.

Şahin also added: The Arabs usually visit the city of Trabzon between the months of April and October, meaning that they prefer to come in the spring and summer, and that they often prefer 3+1 apartments, and some of them want to own several apartments in a complex. One and make them connected to each other, and many of them buy villas.

She pointed out that Arab buyers sometimes have special standards related to the lifestyle, such as the quality of bathrooms and indoor swimming pools in complexes, etc., and projects in Trabzon have begun to seek to meet these peculiarities.


Foreign tourists are increasingly interested in buying real estate in Yomra 

The interest of Arab tourists in the real estate sector has increased in the Yomra area of ​​the state of Trabzon, in the north of the country and overlooking the Black Sea, which is one of the first destinations that attract tourists, especially Gulf ones, which enabled the region to achieve the largest share of real estate purchases by tourists.

The area is about 17 km from the state center and 7 km from the airport. It has a population of 35,000 and includes many hotels and shopping centers, which gives it an important central location.

Yomra Mayor Ibrahim Sagiroglu stated, in an interview with Anatolia, that the pressure on real estate sales in the region continues, noting that Arabs own real estate largely in Yomra, explaining that "an example of this is that one of the residential complexes set up by businessmen From Dubai, completely inhabited by foreigners, and not inhabited by any Turkish citizen.”


Reasons for the boom of real estate investment in Trabzon

  • The beautiful climate and nature that makes it the first city for natural tourism in Turkey, which encouraged real estate investment in general and hotel real estate in particular. 
  • Relatively low real estate prices with other Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Bursa and Antalya. 
  • Trabzon Municipality's interest in developing infrastructure and encouraging foreign investments.


Average real estate prices in Trabzon

Real estate prices in Trabzon are cheap and acceptable, as the average price of apartments in Trabzon starts from 60 thousand dollars for a one-room apartment ranging in size from 50-70 square meters.

Residential complexes within Trabzon real estate have also increased due to the increasing demand for them by local residents and investors from the Arab Gulf countries. Where the Saudis are the most owners in Trabzon and the most visited, especially after the launch of a direct flight between the Saudi city of Riyadh and the city of Trabzon.


Delicious popular Trabzon dishes

When Trabzon is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the delicious hamsi, black cabbage and corn. These materials are used in cooking many delicious dishes, such as the famous “koymak” which is made of corn, hamsili bread, and black cabbage soup.


Leisure Activities in Trabzon

Trabzon is one of the most suitable places to practice nature sports. Uzungol and Demirkapi are among the most suitable places in Trabzon for mountaineering, and you can go paragliding in Yamag in Uzungol, and kayaking in other places.


Al-Waleed bin Talal: The Saudis love the cool air, so they prefer Trabzon

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal said that many Saudis love the cold air and therefore prefer to come to Turkey, and choose the state of Trabzon to spend their summer vacation.

This came during his answer to a question in an interview with the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet in 2016, in which he explained that many Saudi citizens want to come to Trabzon, Turkey for its cold air, stressing that he personally visits different states of Turkey, especially after the development in the services provided by Turkey in Tourist field.


 The Jewelry City in Trabzon

The Ministry of Industry and Technology intends to provide funding to the city of Trabzon within the framework of the “Attraction Support Program” for the implementation of the “Jewelry City” project, for which the Trabzon Municipality has allocated a place in the “Bazar Kapi” neighborhood, which is expected to provide additional economic value to the region and also contribute to increasing job opportunities. .

The project aims to introduce and promote the art of "Al-Qazzazia" and "Trabzon Mat". Al-Qazazia art, inherited from the Anatolian people, dates back to the Lydians who ruled Anatolia between 1200 and 546 BC, and this art remained alive in various parts of Anatolia during the Ottoman era, when it was used at that time to decorate the kaftans and the ends of women’s shawls, and this art continues in Trabzon, northeastern Turkey . Studies conducted in this field in Turkey have contributed to the spread of this art all over the world, which attracts local and foreign tourists.

The Trabzon tatami bracelet is known as the only one in the world made of hand-woven gold wire with a thickness of 32 microns, and it is an artistic heritage dating back to many centuries in the Black Sea region, and necklaces, belts and earrings are made on the principle of woven tatami bracelets.


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