The most expensive neighborhoods of Istanbul

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• A glance on Istanbul

Istanbul is a worldly known city for its unique structure and historical, cultural and natural beauty that people must visit even at least one time in their lives. Istanbul, the modern and vital city, is a wonderful mix of eastern and western culture as well as deep and flexible history. Although it is not the capital, Istanbul is still the cultural and commercial center of the country and the whole world as the only city that is on two continents, and this geographical location has increased its importance at the political, economic and geographical level and attract people to buy property in Istanbul and searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul .

Istanbul was known in the past by several names, such as Constantinople, Byzantium, New Rome, Augusta Antonia, Islampol, House of Happiness, Astana, and the shrine of the throne. Among its nicknames are the City of the Seven Hills, the City of Minarets, and the New City of Rome. The city is divided administratively into thirty-nine districts, and its districts are: Burj Al-Hammam, Chalcedon, Aqab, Bayram Pasha, Grand Burj Al-Hamam, Catalca, Silivri, Uskudar, Şişli, Nahas Village, Besiktas, Beylikduzu, Zeytinburu, Sultan Ghazi, and Umraniye. Ghazi Osman Pasha, Al-Fatih, Maltepe, the fishermen, Ayyub, Ras Al-Raya, and Sultanbeyli.

• Istanbul's upscale areas

Istanbul is characterized by the elegance of its neighborhoods and the beauty of its suburbs. A city like Istanbul is very large and its geographical areas are wide, so its high-end neighborhoods are numerous and they extend in most areas of the city. Many tourists, rich people, and even Turkish citizens come to these high-end neighborhoods with the intention of enjoying the beauty of these neighborhoods and walking in them, as these neighborhoods constitute a clear picture of the sophistication and luxury enjoyed by the city of Istanbul. These areas are also considered an important source of economic income, as they represent a tourist and commercial interface at a high level between the neighboring regions.

• The most important and most important neighborhoods of the city

- Bebek area: It is one of the best rich neighborhoods of Istanbul, this area is characterized by luxury and sophistication and what increased its sophistication is being an ancient historic area. This region is considered special by the Turks and is known for its high-income and high-class residents of the city. The area was in the past a haven for ships and has a berth for boats and luxury yachts, and this is due to the presence of the area on the Bebek Bay, which extends along the European coast of the Bosphorus Strait. The area also contains the Bebek Park, which is one of the most famous parks in Istanbul.

- Florya region: It is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city. This area is famous for its distinguished geographical location, as this neighborhood extends along the Marmara Sea, which gives the area beauty and a distinctive coastal view. Florya is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul, and this area tops the list of visits every season, as this area witnesses a rich turnout by tourists. And it has historical events that increased its importance, as it was frequented by the first president of Turkey, Ataturk. It contains a large palace that was for Ataturk and later became a museum for tourists. The area is also famous for containing the most important international brands that are located in the commercial complex that belongs to the area, or as it is called "Florya Mall".

- Yesilkoy District: It is one of the most famous areas of Istanbul, the area is known for its elegance and beauty, and it is considered one of the most prestigious areas of the city. If we translate the name of the region into Arabic, we find that it means "the green area" and this is due to the presence of nature and the wonderful green spaces that exist in this region in abundance, so it was called by this name. The area has a wonderful beach that is frequented by many tourists and Turkish citizens. This area is witnessing a large commercial movement due to the presence of the large Yeşilkoy market, whose importance has increased on the commercial and tourism levels.

- Nisantasi District: It is one of the most luxurious and prestigious areas in Istanbul. It is said that the reason for the sophistication of this area dates back to the era of Sultan Abdul Majeed I, who settled in it and took care of it until it became one of the most luxurious and prestigious areas in Istanbul, where only nobles and the owners of the upper class lived, and the region maintained this level of sophistication since those days until our days. The area is characterized by the presence of many luxury apartments scattered in most of the area and it is one of the most expensive real estate in Istanbul. The area is famous for the quality of its accommodation, as the area has won many awards due to the high quality of its services and the quality of accommodation there.

In the end, talking about this topic is almost endless, because Istanbul is distinguished by its multiplicity of luxurious areas and its high-end neighborhoods spread throughout most of the city.

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