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Feb 5, 2023

10 Tips for Buying Property in Turkey

Turkey has become one of the main destinations for investors and those looking for distinctive investment opportunities, recently. The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a remarkable boom, which has aroused the interest of many investors and businessmen looking for sustainable investment opportunities and short-term profits.

Buying a property in Turkey is an attractive option for many reasons, whether for permanent residence, investment, or even as an opportunity to obtain permanent residence permit. The real estate market in Turkey has a great diversity of offers, whether in large cities or coastal areas, which allows buyers to choose the property that suits their needs and aspirations.

In this article you will find all the advice you need when buying a property in Turkey, and everything related to the available investment opportunities, legal procedures, and the cultural and economic impacts of owning a property in Turkey, this unique country of its kind. We will summarize the most important tips in 10 points:

Defining the budget:

Before you make any move towards buying a property in Turkey or negotiate with a sales person, you must first define the budget limit in order to know which price segment to begin looking fo your needs and ability.

This step is very important because it reduces financial stress and future problems, as you can know, in advance, whether you can sustainably assume the purchase obligations. Setting a budget also allows you to avoid temptations and marketing that may push a person to exceed the limits of his financial capabilities. Ultimately, setting a budget makes the search and purchase process more efficient and streamlined, increasing the possibility of finding properties in Turkey that perfectly suit you and your needs.

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Ask an expert :

It is better to ask experts when you make the real estate purchase step. They can help by offering better locations or by identifying ways in which you can negotiate with the owner of the property and make the best purchase.

Planning of the required property specifications:

Plan for what you need to have in the property, in terms of its kind, for example, whether residential, commercial, or other type, especially if you are interested in purchasing property in Turkey. Accordingly, start looking for the best results. In this case, you will save yourself a lot of time, effort, and even consultations. Defining the need from the property or its purpose facilitates the purchasing process and saves you from entering into mazes that you do not need, especially if you want to buy property in Turkey and have not visited Turkey before.

Use negotiation:

After finishing the previous steps, and making sure of your budget's limit, you can now move on to exploring the real estate. Begin by visiting properties compare them to your needs and finances.

When you find what suits you, always know that every property in Turkey is negotiable. Also, real estate prices in Turkey are diverse in terms of style, form, and pattern, so it is possible to find the best agreement that satisfies you and achieves your goals for purchasing.

When buying property in Turkey, negotiation tricks can be used to get a better deal. These tricks include looking for competing offers, and remaining calm and patient during the negotiation process. You should also examine the market carefully to estimate the property value, and request improvements or repairs before purchasing. Using these tricks gives you the opportunity to get a better price or additional terms that reflect your needs and contribute to making the process of purchasing a property in Turkey more sustainable.

Know all the details of the property:

After settling on a property or two based on your needs and budget you will now have to figure out all the details of the property you've chosen, knowing all of its features, flaws, entrances, exits, space, nature around it, and everything about it no matter how small or inconsequential it may seem to you but it will inevitably affect you while you're using or staying in it.

Having a help from a property examiner:

To complete the previous step perfectly, it is preferable to seek the help of experts, as their view is always more accurate, more influential, and beneficial to you, it's their field of work and specialty, so their look will be more neutral than yours.

The role of the real estate expert or real estate companies is crucial when purchasing a property in Turkey. It acts as a bridge between the buyer and the complex purchasing process, and provides you with a range of valuable services. First, experts examine the property and provide an accurate assessment of its value. Secondly, experts negotiate with the seller for the best interests of the client, and seek the best possible deal that matches the buyer's budget. Thirdly, they examine the legal documents to ensure the integrity of the property and the validity of the deal. This step is very important if the buyer does not know Turkish and is unfamiliar with Turkish laws. A real estate expert helps the buyer avoid potential problems and ensure that the purchase process is carried out smoothly and transparently. Yet, when choosing an expert, be careful and choose trustworthy people so that you do not fall under the grip of fraudsters, as the real estate market in Turkey is not free of people waiting for the opportunity to seize their prey.

Use your brain to judge the Property, Not the Passion:

As we mentioned, experts look is better than yours because of its neutrality. They look at the property in terms of its features, patterns, and facilities around. So, you too, try to use the same method to test whether you can buy the property or not by comparing the defects with the advantages.

Visit the property site:

Of course you must complete the stages and the steps already mentioned at the property's site so that all things are clear and done in front of your eyes to ensure that they are suitable for your requirements and to avoid any fraud. 

Visiting the property’s site before purchasing it represents a crucial step for the buyer and carries great importance. In terms of evaluating the actual condition and inspecting the property directly, which helps evaluating its actual condition, and verify the quality of construction and surrounding facilities. The buyer can also obtain a better understanding of the area surrounding the property, and verify its suitability to his needs and expectations, such as the presence of public facilities and services, its proximity to public transportation, schools, and stores, in addition to any legal or planning restrictions that may constitute obstacles in the future. Visiting the site also ensures consistency with the images and description provided in the advertisements, and avoids negative surprises.

Identify available alternatives:

Even if you have become completely convinced of the property in Turkey you have chosen, you should also take a look at the alternatives available to you and compare them with the property you chose to make sure that you have reached the best decision by choosing it over the other alternatives.

As previously mentioned in the article, you must look at all matters with a rational and balanced outlook and do not let your emotions overpower your final decision.

Reading the contract more than once:

Once you have made sure and are completely convinced that your choice is the best and most satisfying choice for yourself and you have decided to move to the contract stage, you must now read the contract more than once and check its terms and conditions.

When buying a property in Turkey, it is best to present the purchase contract to a real estate consultant or lawyer specializing in the real estate field to remove any doubt and ensure that you understand every aspect of the deal, enhance your ability to protect your rights and control the purchase process better, and to ensure that you will get out of this deal profitable and beneficial.

If you like to know more about buying a property in Turkey or get other advice regarding real estate investment in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, here. Our company's real estate consultant will respond to you as soon as possible.




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