Tips on buying property in Turkey

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Real estate buying and real estate investment, despite the risks it carries, are among the most guaranteed ways to invest and grow money, but they usually need expert advice, which is what we will be presenting in this article.

· 10 tips when first buying property

When you first buy a property, the risk is more obvious to you, so follow these tips to reduce the risk you take.

1.    Determine your physical range and purchasing budget

2.    Ask an expert

3.    planning of required property needs

4.    Use a negotiation solution

5.    Know all the details of the property

6.    Help from a property examiner

7.    Use your brain to judge the Property, Not the Passion

8.    Visit the site more than once at all procurement stages

9.    Select alternative options

10.  Reading the contract and its terms more than once


· Determining the material extent and the purchasing budget:

Before you make the move to buy property or negotiate with a sales person, you must first define the budget, range and physical ability to tell which price segment to begin looking for a property to suit your needs and ability.

At this point, you also have to wonder whether you need a bank loan; Starting loan procedures early, if you realize your need for it, makes it easier to make purchases.

You should never underestimate the expense of real estate when buying it, whether for investment or residential purposes.

· Ask an expert :

It is better to use experts when you make the real estate purchase step. They can help by offering locations that are better or by identifying ways in which you can negotiate with the owner and make the best purchase

·planning of required property needs:

Plan for what you need to have in the property, for example its kind, whether residential, commercial or other; Begin the search for what provides the best result.

·  Use a negotiation solution:

After you've completed the steps before, after making sure your financial viability is sufficient, and asked an expert, you can now move on to exploring the real estate. Begin by visiting the properties up for sale and compare them to your needs and finances.

When you find what works for you, know that every property is negotiable Start bargaining on the price terms to reach your best agreement and achieve your buying goals

·  Know all the details of the property:

 After Settling on a property or two based on your needs and budget you will now have to figure out all the details of the property you've chosen, knowing all of its features, flaws, entrances, exits, space, nature around it, and everything about it no matter how small or inconsequential it may seem to you but it will inevitably affect you while you're using or staying in it.

· Help from a property examiner:

To get the previous step right it’s better to seek the help of experienced people, whose points of view are always more accurate, and useful. This is his field of work and specialization, so his eye will be more neutral than yours.

But when choosing an expert, be careful and choose the ones who can be sure not to fall under the sway of the impostors.

· Use your brain to judge the Property, Not the Passion:

As we mentioned, the eye of experts is better because of its neutrality. It looks at the property in terms of its features, and it is defective in a purely rational way. In the field of real estate, of course, that is better, so you too, try to use the same method to test whether you can buy the property or not by comparing the defects with the advantages.

· Visit the site more than once at all procurement stages:

Of course you must complete the stages and the steps already mentioned at the same site so that all things are clear and done in front of your eyes to ensure that they are suitable for your specific circumstances and to prevent any attempts at fraud that may be committed directly or indirectly against you.

· Identify available alternatives:

Even if you're more convinced the property you've chosen is becoming more satisfying in all directions, you should also look at the alternatives available to you and compare them to the one you've chosen to make sure you've reached the best decision of your choice.

·  Reading the contract and its terms more than once:

Once you have been certain and convinced that your choice is the most viable option for yourself and have decided to move to contract, you must now read the contract more than once and verify its terms and conditions.

It's better to offer it to a real estate consultant or a real estate attorney to make sure it’s legal.

·  More tips for those who want to buy property in Turkey

1. be careful not to fall in love with the place surrounding the property or the view overlooking it, as Turkey is known for the beauty of its scenery and the nature which may affect your decision and make it more emotional and irrational enough.

2. Knowing the relation between price and location, as the location has a direct effect on the price of real estate. For example, Istanbul is considered one of the most expensive cities for real estate because it is a beautiful and tourist city, but it is very popular in the real estate market, which depends to a great extent on promoting this sector.

3. Don't be shy about asking questions and pleasing your inquisitive self.

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