Tips to increase profits from real estate investment in Istanbul

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Istanbul is one of the most important cities in Turkey that has great job opportunities, as real estate investment in Istanbul is one of the most successful investments in Turkey, which is described as the city that never sleeps. Among the reasons for successful investment in Istanbul is the fact that Istanbul is a large and crowded city, with all the cities of the world in it. The population of Istanbul is very high due to the availability of work and other possibilities. Undoubtedly, investing in Istanbul is one of the best investment options among real estate investments in the region, so real estate investment in Istanbul is one of the best and most successful investments in Turkey, especially for foreign investors. The reason for real estate investment in Istanbul is that Istanbul occupies the largest part of the country's economy. This place is considered one of the ideal places for those looking for guarantees and investment adventures. The options are numerous in Istanbul and the neighboring cities in Istanbul. Whoever thinks of a successful real estate investment in Istanbul or the environment close to it, there are many options, including investing in cities such as Bursa, Yalova and Sakarya. As investment in the surrounding environment in Istanbul is cheaper and better, and the success rates in these cities are great.

• Tips to follow to increase profits from real estate investment

- Choosing a property with specifications that achieve your goals:

From the beginning, you must choose the real estate very carefully, as the exterior and interior design, the space and the distribution of rooms, all must be paid attention to and chosen to suit your goal of buying the property. For example.. when buying a property for student or youth housing, the appropriate distribution of rooms is one room and a hall, or two rooms and a hall as a maximum, but if the purpose of buying the property is family rental, the distribution of rooms should be two rooms and a hall or more. In this way, you compare your goal of owning the property and the specifications that serve you in terms of renting this property. The more you are able to do this comparison, the greater your profit from renting real estate will be.

- Diversity in your real estate investments:

If you want to buy more than one property in Istanbul with the intention of renting it, you must rely on diversifying your investments. For example buy an apartment and a shop or buy two apartments in two different locations. The benefit of diversifying real estate investment is to enter more than one field and obtain a broader experience in renting real estate in Turkey. This method helps you increase your confidence in your real estate investments in Turkey and increase your desire to expand it. This matter will undoubtedly increase your profits if in the future you want to rent more than one property at the same time, the value of rents in Istanbul changes overnight.

- Choose the appropriate area for your purpose of renting:

Choosing the right place, area or neighborhood in which you want to buy an apartment in order to rent it plays a big role in determining the two most important points in this investment project: purchase cost + rent value

When you do not have enough capital to buy an apartment in the center of Istanbul, you will choose a neighborhood away from the city center to get lower prices. On the other hand, choosing your property in a location close to the metro and rapid transit stations is more attractive to tenants, especially students and tourists, so if you want to rent a furnished apartment in Istanbul, you must buy it in a place served by modern transportation. For student housing, choosing the location closest to the universities remains their preferred option. If you want to rent your apartment to students, make it close to more than one university.

- Media promotion of the property:

The media aspect must be taken care of because it represents your advertising front and the most appropriate promotional method. In order to achieve the most successful publicity for renting your property in Turkey, do the following:

·        Take photos for the apartment, rooms and view in a professional and accurate manner.

·        Pay attention to the level of lighting while shooting.

·        You must publish the advertisement in groups and platforms interested in renting real estate in Turkey, whether on Facebook, Telegram or WhatsApp.

·        Ask the help of a real estate office for this if you do not have enough time for advertising.

Some real estate investment projects need permanent follow-up, such as renting furnished apartments in Turkey, or youth housing in Turkey. In both cases, you need a permanent presence on social media, publishing, media follow-up and advertising in a way that achieves you a presence on these platforms.

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