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Feb 5, 2023

Real Estate Investment in Istanbul: Tips to Increase Profits

Istanbul is considered one of the most important cities in Turkey with great job opportunities. Real estate investment in Istanbul is considered one of the most successful investments in Turkey, as this beautiful city bears the description of the city that never sleeps. Among the reasons for successful investment in Istanbul is that it is a city. Istanbul is a large and crowded city that contains all the cities of the world, and the population of Istanbul is very high due to the availability of work and other capabilities.

Real estate investment in Istanbul is considered one of the best investment options, among real estate investments in the world, in general, and in the region in particular, as real estate investment in Istanbul is considered one of the best and most successful investments in Turkey, especially for foreign investors. The fact that real estate investment in Istanbul is the best is due to the fact that the city of Istanbul occupies the largest part of the country's economy, and this city is considered one of the ideal places for those looking for guarantees and investment adventures.

The options are many and varied in Istanbul and its neighboring cities, and whoever is considering a successful and profitable real estate investment in Istanbul or in a city close to it, there are many options, including investing in cities such as Bursa, Yalova, and Sakarya, as investing in the environment surrounding the city of Istanbul is cheaper and better than The rest of the cities far from Istanbul, as the success rates in these nearby cities are high.

Istanbul the city of two continents:

Before starting to talk about developing and increasing profits that I can make when investing in real estate in Istanbul, we must talk about the reasons that attract international and local investors to real estate investment in Istanbul, which are summarized in the following points:

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Accelerated economic growth:

Economic growth rates in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular are rising continuously without stopping, creating a positive investment environment and increasing opportunities for good returns on investment. The beautiful thing in this context is that the areas of the economy affect each other, which leaves a positive and continuous impact in terms of real estate investment in Istanbul.

Real estate investment culture:

Local investors in Turkey are characterized by a strong culture of real estate investment, as real estate is considered a means of making money and a stable and safe investment tool, and since the Turks consider Istanbul to be the New York of Turkey, their first way to do so is real estate investment in Istanbul. This leads to no sudden drop in prices, which means that the buying curve is always rising, because the real estate market in Turkey or Istanbul depends mainly on Turks and not on foreigners, as the percentage of Turks in the Turkish real estate market represents about 93%, compared to only 7%. For foreigners, this is what distinguishes the Turkish real estate market from other global markets.

Diversity of real estate offers:

Istanbul offers a wide variety of real estate offers for real estate investment in Istanbul, ranging from luxury residential projects to commercial buildings, hotels and villas, with different designs and styles that meet the various needs of investors.

Supportive government policies:

In general, the Turkish government adopts encouraging policies to promote real estate investment in Istanbul, or any other Turkish city, through several facilities and tax exemptions for foreign investors, the most famous of which are granting Turkish citizenship or real estate residency.

Advanced and modern infrastructure:

Istanbul has the strongest and most modern infrastructure compared to other Turkish cities, and at the European level, Istanbul's infrastructure is never less efficient than European cities. Istanbul has a network of local and international highways, bridges that facilitate crossings between the two continents, and a very strong public transportation network that is almost the best in Europe. As for public institutions, they bring together the best educational, health, cultural, and public facilities among Turkish cities, which greatly enhances the strength of the idea of real estate investment in Istanbul.

Technology and innovation:

The Turkish government seeks to make Istanbul a center for technology, innovation and global trade, which increases its attractiveness for investors wishing to benefit from technological developments and from the strategic projects that the Turkish government continues to establish. Examples of these projects include:

Cham and Sakura Hospital: Cham and Sakura Hospital is considered the largest medical city built in the Basaksehir region. The construction of this hospital led to an increase in demand for real estate around it and thus an increase in its price, especially after the Turkish government built a new metro line that directly connects to the hospital.

Basaksehir Square: Its construction was completed last year, and it is a very large square equipped with all commercial, entertainment, health and educational facilities and services, exceeding in its area and facilities the famous Taksim Square.

The new financial center: The new financial center is located in the Atasehir area in the Asian part of Istanbul. This project is considered one of the largest projects that the Turkish government inaugurated last year because it has one goal, which is to transform Istanbul into the first Islamic economic capital.

Tips in real estate investment in Istanbul:

There are several things that must be taken into consideration when you decide to invest in real estate in Istanbul in order to obtain a profitable and feasible investment from the entire process, and we have summarized these factors for you in the following points.

The goal behind buying a property:

You must choose the property very carefully, from the beginning. The external and internal design, space, and distribution of rooms must all be paid attention to and chosen in a way that suits achieving the goal of purchasing the property. For example, when purchasing a property for student or youth housing, the appropriate distribution of rooms is one room and a hall, or two rooms. And a hall as a maximum, but if the goal of purchasing the property is for family rental, the distribution of rooms should be two rooms and a hall or more. In this way, you compare your goal of owning the property and the specifications that serve you in terms of renting this property, and the more you are proficient in this comparison. The greater your profit from renting real estate.

Diversity in your real estate investments:

In case you want real estate investment in Istanbul and buy more than one property for renting, you must rely on diversifying your investments. For example, buy an apartment and a shop, or buy two apartments in two different locations. The benefit of diversifying real estate investment in Istanbul is Entering more than one field and obtaining broader experience in renting real estate in Turkey. This method helps you increase your confidence in your real estate investments in Turkey and increase your desire to expand them. This matter will undoubtedly increase your profits if you want to rent more than one property at the same time in the future. Rents in Istanbul change overnight.

Choose the appropriate region:

When thinking about real estate investment in Istanbul, it is necessary to choose the right place, region, or neighborhood in which you want to buy an apartment. In order to rent it, you must determine the two most important points in this investment project: the purchase cost and the rental value.

When you do not have enough capital to buy an apartment in the center of Istanbul, you will choose a neighborhood far from the city center to get lower prices. On the other hand, choosing your property in a location close to public transportation, such as the metro and rapid transit stations, is more attractive to tenants, especially students and tourists. Therefore, if you want to rent a furnished apartment in Istanbul, you must buy it in a place served by modern transportation. As for student housing, choosing the location closest to the universities remains their preferred option. If you want to rent your apartment to students, make it close to more than one university.

Investing in an under-construction project:

It is preferable for a person to invest in projects under construction, because the profit returns are higher than taking it while it is in its final stages, and the more the project is taken in its early stages, the greater the profit there will be, because buying a property under construction is much cheaper than a ready-to-move property. The investor can sell the property after completing its construction for double the price at which he bought it. This is actually the advice we prefer to focus on and advise our clients who want to make real estate investment in Istanbul.

Media promotion advertising:

When you decide real estate investment in Istanbul through leasing, it is necessary to take care of the media aspect because it represents your advertising face and the most appropriate promotional method, and in order to achieve the greatest amount of successful advertising for leasing your property in Istanbul, do the following:

  • Take photos to the apartment, rooms, and view in a professional and accurate manner. 
  • Pay attention to the level of lighting during photography.
  • You must publish the advertisement in groups and platforms interested in renting real estate in Turkey, whether on Facebook, Telegram, or WhatsApp. 
  • Seek the consultation of a real estate office or real estate marketing company for this, if you don't have enough time for advertising.

Some real estate investment projects need constant follow-up, such as someone renting furnished apartments in Turkey, or youth housing in Turkey. In both cases, you need a permanent presence on social media, and media and advertising publishing and follow-up in a way that achieves your presence on these platforms.

Consulting a real estate consultant:

It is very necessary to go to a real estate consultant when you decide to make real estate investment in Istanbul, in order to provide you with the appropriate project for your investment, as well as to provide you with all the offers that are best suited to your choice and purchasing capabilities, especially if you are a new buyer or investor in Turkey, because the real estate market is very large, renewable and diverse, and in In this case, it is a mistake to rely in purchasing a property on asking friends and acquaintances who live in the country, on the basis that they have previous experience in the country and its real estate. The consultant must also be informed of the main goal of the purchase so that he can advise you of the options that best suit your needs.

Many people make the mistake of avoiding the option of resorting to a real estate consultant in order to reduce costs, and that this will add additional financial burdens to them, but what they do not know is that the consulting service is provided free of charge to the client, visiting the project site and inspecting it in person, and that this option may save them the costs of repairs and renovation of some facilities, which is not visible at the time of inspecting the property.

To know more about real estate investment in Istanbul, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, here. Our company's real estate consultant will respond to you immediately.




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