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Feb 5, 2023

The Best Regions for Real Estate Investment in Istanbul - A Comprehensive Guide

 2Are you looking for Istanbul real estate offers for housing or investment? Here is a guide to the best real estate offers for ownership and real estate investment in Istanbul

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Istanbul is considered one of the most important cities that suit the concept of real estate investment and buying typical properties, based on the numerous components and almost countless privileges it possesses, in addition to the fact that it has 39 regions distributed in both its Asian and European parts.

Yet when you take the decision of real estate investment in Istanbul, you may be confused about which regions to choose and whether the properties of the Asian section are better or the properties of the European section? What are the most important areas? For details on this topic, you can follow the following article, in which we will talk about the most important real estate investment in Istanbul in terms of regions and specifications. 

Regions for real estate investment- European Istanbul:


Basaksehir is considered one of the best regions for real estate investment in Istanbul. The region occupies a distinctive strategic location as it is close to the New Istanbul Airport and the Istanbul New Canal that is being constructed, in addition to being surrounded on all sides by important and distinctive areas such as Arnavutköy, Sultan Eyup and Esenyurt.

Features of the Basaksehir:

  • Başakşehir is characterized by its advanced and modern infrastructure. 
  • It is one of the most attractive regions of Istanbul for foreign investments. 
  • It has many service, educational and health facilities, the most important of which is the Cham and Sakura Hospital, which is considered the largest medical city in Europe. 
  • It is considered one of the modern and trendy destinations in the city, as it is spread over modern residential complexes with the most distinguish services.
  • It is the best choice for those who love tranquility.
  • It includes one of the largest and most important medical city on the European continent, which is (the city of Basaksehir), which is of great investment importance as a result of it being a distinguished tourist destination visited by thousands of tourists around the world. 
  • It includes one of the most important and largest artificial lakes in Istanbul, in addition to restaurants, cafes, and the famous shopping centers (Mall of Istanbul).

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Why is Beylikduzu one of the most important real estate investment areas in Istanbul Europe? Let's read the following lines.

Features of the Beylikdurzu:

  • It is bordered on all sides by important areas characterized by their strict organization and residential complexes spread throughout them.
  • Beylikduzu is one of the most important areas suitable for housing and stability as it contains many universities and educational institutions. 
  • The Beylikduzu area is considered a safe haven for many hotels and residential resorts. 
  • Beylikduzu is distinguished by Its real estate prices are reasonable and suitable for many budgets, especially low ones, but this will not last long, as it is expected to record a noticeable increase in the coming days as a result of increased demand around it.

Bahcesehir district:

Some people call it the city of gardens, based on the large number of stunning, lush gardens that give the region a healthy character. It is preferred by many in terms of real estate investment in Istanbul. It is distinguished by its location in the center of Istanbul and is easily accessible through the advanced transportation network that surrounds it, so some consider it one of the best and most beautiful real estate in Istanbul.

Features of Bahcesehir:

  • The presence of a thriving infrastructure, as there is a facility for refining and purifying water, which is used to irrigate the vast green spaces therein. 
  • High-end and luxurious life is in Bahcesehir. 
  • There are many residential complexes equipped with all service and entertainment facilities, in addition to their distinctive views, which are often on the green spaces.

Regions for real estate investment- Asian Istanbul:


Umraniye is one of the best and most important areas of the Asian section of real estate investment in Istanbul, which contains many real estate offers. It is surrounded by many important areas with many green spaces, in addition to witnessing great growth in its real estate sector. Worth to be mentioned Umraniye consists of 14 neighborhoods.

Features of Umraniye:

  • Modernist manifestations and notable development in its various fields. 
  • Advanced infrastructure. 
  • The buildings designed to be resistant to earthquakes. 
  • Luxury and modernity are two features that characterize real estate in Omraniye. 
  • This is in addition to the fact that it is rich in recreational and cultural facilities. 
  • It is considered a conservative environment for those who want a conservative and safe family life for their children. 
  • Its importance has increased in terms of real estate investment in Istanbul after the opening of the new financial center in the Atasehir region, being the closest to this region.


One of the most important areas for real estate investment in Istanbul as it is located directly on the sea and has a mixture of old luxurious buildings and modern residential complexes with dazzling views.

Features of Uskudar:

It has a distinctive view of the Sea of Marmara and is located opposite the European side of the city. 

  • It is close to the most important areas of Istanbul. 
  • It is an important tourist destination due to the historical monuments and cultural and archaeological treasures it contains, the most prominent of which is the Maiden Tower, which is located in the middle of the sea.
  •  It includes the largest mosque in Turkey ( Çamlca Mosque).
  • Uskudar is considered rich in terms of educational institutions, universities, hospitals, entertainment venues and parks. 
  • Based on its characteristics, it is an integrated and exemplary environment.

Kadikoy area:

It is one of the most lively and active areas of the city, and it is one of the central areas of the city that is visited by tourists from everywhere. Close to it are the most important tourist and historical attractions. In addition, it is close to Sabiha Airport and has a distinctive and integrated transportation network.

It is one of the best areas for real estate investment in Istanbul and finding Istanbul real estate offers, especially in light of its urban development and architectural style, which is a mixture of ancient and modern, which created a unique model.


Atasehir is considered one of the most important areas in the world of real estate investment in Istanbul. It attracts thousands of foreign investors around the world with different investment goals. The Atasehir region has become very important after the opening of the new financial center, which means a major change in the economic and investment map in the city of Istanbul and in the region. Immediately after the announcement of the Istanbul Financial Center began, the region and its surrounding areas gained great investment value and an exceptional boom in the world of economy and investment.

Features of Atasehir:

Atasehir has many advantages in the field of real estate investment in Istanbul, which made it one of the attractive investment destinations for foreign and local investment. The following are the most prominent advantages: 

  • A distinctive strategic geographic location in Istanbul, specifically on the Asian side of Istanbul. 
  • An investment value of great importance and distinction that is unique to the Atasehir Istanbul region thanks to the launch of the new Istanbul Financial Center project, especially in Real estate investment sector in Istanbul. 
  • Atasehir areas have a touristic and historical value thanks to the presence of several tourist and archaeological landmarks that attract tourists and visitors from all over the world. 
  • The region is equipped with a strong and modern infrastructure in terms of public transportation, health, educational, cultural, and other institutions.

Conclusion: We can reach a distinguished conclusion that Istanbul is not an ordinary city, but rather an exceptional and excellent choice, and this is what many real estate investors around the world have found in it, as a result of its real estate diversity and the unique opportunities it offers and places in their hands.

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