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Turkey is located between the continents of Asia and Europe, and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is home to diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and a dynamic social composition. If you want to buy a beautiful apartment overlooking the sea to enjoy the sunshine, or you want to buy a property after retirement or to invest in real estate in a distinguished and prosperous country, you must take a look at Turkey apartments for sale, because buying an apartment in Turkey is a gain in itself. .

Turkey has many beautiful and distinctive areas, which makes the options confusing and diversified and makes the buyer in a state of confusion due to the large number of options in choosing the appropriate apartment location. There is the vibrant city of Istanbul with entertainment and charming natural places, and there is the coastal city of Antalya with its vibrant tourist beaches , and there is the city of Alanya with its warm sun, many beaches and green forests.

In general, there are many Turkish cities that have distinct options in terms of real estate and housing, but the most prominent of these cities and the best options for owning an apartment is Istanbul,

Istanbul Apartments

From an investment point of view, the properties for sale in Istanbul are worth a careful look, especially those located in the prime locations of Istanbul and not in the suburbs. Despite the low prices of apartments in the suburbs, they are not considered a good option for investment as much as they are good for living and stability.

Apartments for sale in Turkey

Apartments in Beylikduzu Istanbul with sea view, the area is close to transportation, facilities, airport, schools, universities and hospitals.

You can also take a look at the Be Kent neighborhood apartments, which are only 10 minutes away from the beach, and their prices range between $79 thousand and $168,000, depending on the size of the apartment and the height of the floor. There is the Palm Marina project, which is not more than one minute away from the beach, and includes 330 apartments of different sizes and prices ranging between $240 thousand and $530 thousand.

Apartments for sale in Mahmutlar, Armuni and Tosmer Alanya

If you want to live and settle in the tourist city of Alanya, there are many apartments for sale in high-end residential complexes equipped with various types of services and entertainment, such as Mahmutlar complex located on Ataturk Street, close to transportation and inhabited by the majority of Europeans.

In addition to the Armoni apartments located between the touristic Barbaros Street and the service Ataturk Street, only 300 meters from the sea, and its prices do not exceed 68 thousand dollars. In addition to Tosmer apartments, which are not more than 150 meters from the sea and located in a strategic location, at a cost of 79 thousand dollars and luxurious furniture.

Apartments for sale in Kepez and Muratpasa Antalya

Apartments close to the sea at reasonable prices and suitable for your budget and in installments. The city of Antalya, specifically the residential complexes in Kebze, are equipped with various types of services and entertainment such as a swimming pool, sauna, restaurant, cafe, garden and more. Apartment prices range between $43,000 and $139,000, depending on the size of the apartment and the height of the floor. Or you can head to the standalone buildings in Kebiz and have a look at the beautiful apartments available there.

In addition to the lively Murad Pasha area, full of movement, transportation, restaurants and high-end hotels, it is only 5 minutes walk from the sea, and the price of an apartment consisting of two rooms and a bathroom is 73 thousand dollars.

Apartments for sale in Taksim Square

Located in the center of Istanbul,it is surrounded by many shops, restaurants, cafes, transportation stations, parks and tourist places.

All apartments are equipped with air conditioning, kitchen appliances, central heating and internet. There are 24-hour security and surveillance cameras around the complex. There are also recreational services such as Turkish bath, sauna, swimming pool, garden, cinema, terrace, basketball court, children's playground, barbecue place, gym and more.

Apartment prices range between $240 thousand and $395,000, with an installment plan until the end of 2021. You can also pay the full price by cash and get a 15% discount.

Thus, you have known about the most famous residential complexes in Turkey and Istanbul, and you have also learned about the costs of apartments, their location and their details, so that you have an integrated picture of the most important apartments in Turkey. Of course, there are many and varied options for ideal apartments, an advantage, wonderful areas and exceptional specifications, so whoever wants to buy an apartment in a place Like Turkey, he should research and choose thoughtfully because the options are huge, beautiful and sophisticated.

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