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Feb 5, 2023

Learn about the rights of Turkish citizens and the advantages of Turkish citizenship?

One of the most intriguing topics for a foreigner who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship is the benefits that being a Turkish citizen provides for both himself and his family.

In general, despite the fact that Turkey is a Muslim country, it provides modern living conditions for all segments. It also offers safer living conditions than many countries.

You can get the rights of a Turkish citizen

A foreign citizen who obtains Turkish citizenship has the same rights as a Turkish citizen, regardless of religion, language or ethnicity.

Your family and children also benefit from citizenship

With the person applying for Turkish citizenship; His/her spouse, children under the age of 18 and their children who will be born also get Turkish citizenship.

Benefit from health services

The applicant and his/her family benefit from health services in Turkey without any discrimination To receive free services in entire hospitals operating in Turkey with international standards

You can take advantage of high-level education opportunities

In Turkey, besides many primary and secondary schools that provide their services in their mother tongue to foreigners, there are hundreds of universities with high-quality education all over the world. When you obtain Turkish citizenship, you can get educational services of high quality standards for yourself or your family, thanks to educational institutions and universities that provide free or private service.

In order for university students in Turkey to benefit from the education credit, the repayment of the hostel institution credit and the education credit, he must be a Turkish citizen. For this reason, when a foreign citizen obtains Turkish citizenship, he can also benefit from this loan.

Your working relationships become stronger

Turkey, which has important roles in international trade, due to its economic strength and reliability in the international business world, maintains its trade relations in Dozenkun and in hundreds of different sectors. A citizen of a foreign country engaged in commercial activities in Turkey will also use the power of Turkish citizenship to develop his business relations.

Getting E2 investor visa will be easier

As a Turkish citizen, you can get an E2 investor visa more easily for those who want to invest in America by setting up a company or taking on an existing business. The country of a citizen who will apply for an E2 investor visa must have an agreement with the United States of America. Turkey has an agreement with the United States on this issue.

You can have dual citizenship

As Turkey is a country that allows dual citizenship, you will get dual citizenship along with your own citizenship and the Turkish citizenship you will get. If you are a citizen of a country that does not allow dual citizenship, in case you qualify for the turquoise card conditions applied by the Turkish government, you may have a residence permit and indefinite work in Turkey.

You can stay in Turkey as long as you wish

In order for a foreigner to stay in Turkey for the long term and benefit from Turkey's climate, natural and cultural beauties as well as social living conditions, it is necessary to obtain a residence or work permit, as well as renew it. When you obtain Turkish citizenship, there are no restrictions on the length of your stay in Turkey.

right to vote

A foreign citizen who subsequently acquired Turkish citizenship has the same right to vote as Turkish citizens by birth.

Benefit from retirement rights

According to the right to social security, a foreign citizen who obtains Turkish citizenship has the right to retire, provided that the required number of days is completed, installments are paid and age.

What are the benefits of a Turkish passport?

Foreign citizens who obtain Turkish citizenship also obtain a Turkish passport. In order for a foreign national to obtain a Turkish passport by methods other than investment, he must have lived continuously for at least 5 years in Turkey before applying for a Turkish passport. Only after this period can a person apply for Turkish citizenship.

A person who wants to obtain a Turkish passport by investment does not need to wait for this period. After realizing the investment and other necessary conditions, anyone can apply for a Turkish passport quickly.

strong passport

According to the Henley Passport 2020 Index, which was compiled based on private data of the International Air Transport Association (IATA); In the ranking of the most powerful passports of countries, Turkey ranks 55th out of 199 passports.

In addition, thanks to this strength of the Turkish passport, obtaining a Schengen visa is easy, which is necessary to go to European countries for both commercial and tourist purposes.

Negotiations on Turkey's EU application and visa liberalization are still ongoing. In subsequent years, Turkish citizens with Turkish passports can have the opportunity to travel to European countries without a visa.

Anyone with a Turkish passport can travel to more than 100 countries without a visa, and for some countries, it is also easy to get a visa.

Many countries do not like this openness to the outside, but today Turkey is proving the advantages of this openness so far. The diversity that Turkey is witnessing has not been witnessed by any other country in the world, so we may find many countries that will imitate and benefit from the Turkish experience in this regard.

These facilities, which are not found anywhere else, are found only in Turkey.

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