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Feb 5, 2023

Available Options Within the Turkish Real Estate Market 2024

The most important characteristic of the real estate market in Turkey in general is the great diversity that it offers in the options available to investors, so that it can be said that Turkey's real estate is able to meet the various forms of investors' needs. Istanbul real estate is not different from other real estate in Turkey, even if buying property in Istanbul is usually the first choice or the first plan for all investors.

Diversity of real estate

First, when talking about Turkey's real estate and the diversity that accompanies it, we cannot start talking about anything other than that it includes different forms of residential real estate, such as buying a house or an apartment in Istanbul, and residential real estate is divided even in turn into multiple types and categories.

There is an important category in Turkey's residential real estate group, which is the residential complexes, which are the preferred choice for many people, thanks to the advantages and advantages that accompany them. Finally, the trump card in the field of residential real estate in Turkey is luxury real estate, a special category that is highly sought after by wealthy foreign investors such as businessmen and venture capitalists because it meets their needs. We also mention smart homes, which are considered a revolution in the real estate world in Turkey thanks to their impressive integration of technology and architecture.

commercial real estate. Which is usually the preferred choice for investors wishing to buy property in Turkey to invest and bring financial gains because it is high investment opportunities, whether in selling, buying, renting or opening projects within it, and among the list of commercial properties in Turkey are shops, offices, companies and all properties that are used for purposes Commercial property or those registered in the real estate registry as commercial property.

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Possibility to obtain Turkish citizenship

One of the most encouraging things about buying an apartment in Turkey is that it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in the event of buying a property or a group of properties with a minimum of 250 thousand dollars, and this is of course an important opportunity for the investor to enjoy the benefits of Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport, which allows its holder to enter 69 countries around the world without a visa.

This law remains active by the Turkish authorities, which is very encouraging for investment and purchase.

The most successful forms of real estate investment in Turkey 

If you are thinking of entering the real estate market in Turkey and investing in real estate in Turkey, you should think about the most successful investments that bring many profits, including:

  • Real estate rental in Turkey: This method is considered one of the most successful forms of real estate investment in Turkey, where you can buy an apartment in Turkey and then rent it to a family for a fixed monthly income, and this is of course the most guaranteed investment to make a profit, but certainly the rental value will vary according to some factors, the most important of which is the location The property and its space, without mentioning the specifications of this property, its quality, and cleanliness, and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to these details when buying an apartment in Turkey for rent.
  • Buying land in Turkey: A large number of foreign investors have started buying land in Turkey, especially businessmen who want to build commercial centers, residential complexes, restaurants and cafes, and this is considered one of the most successful real estate investments in Turkey because land prices in Turkey are low when compared to buying a project. Ready. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the land and its selection in a vital area within the city. It should also pay attention to the type of real estate project and focus on providing services and having different features around it to ensure its success.
  • You can buy an apartment in Turkey and then resell it after that, for a period of time you will earn a good amount of money, and of course you have to study the market well to be able to determine the best times to buy and sell real estate.
  • Buying hotel apartments in Turkey: We all know that tourism in Turkey occupies a very advanced position and contributes to the Turkish economy greatly due to the beauty and abundance of tourist places in Turkey, and therefore a large number of tourists go to it annually, and these often prefer to stay in hotel apartments, especially equipped ones With the latest technology and equipment in addition to elegance in design and construction quality, and therefore it is considered one of the successful investments within Turkish real estate, but it is necessary to pay attention to the location of these apartments to be close to the historical and tourist sites in the city with the availability of excellent services and suitable for tourists.
  • Buying apartments for students: A large number of students go to Turkey to study in Turkish universities or continue their studies to obtain a master's and doctorate, and they often look for apartments for sale in Turkey with a suitable area and a reasonable price to feel independence away from university housing and therefore you can buy a property in Turkey and then Renting it to many students, this is considered a successful real estate investment.

Best Cities for Real Estate Investment in Turkey 

When searching for an apartment for sale in Turkey, great importance should be given to the city in which you will buy the property, as there are a group of cities known for their importance and position in the real estate sector, namely:

  • Istanbul
  • Ankara
  • Izmir
  • Bursa
  • Trabzon
  • Antalya

It is expected that the number of investments in Turkish real estate will increase further in the year 2024, despite the spread of the Corona epidemic, but the measures taken by Turkey to combat this epidemic and support its national economy predict recent successes.

Thus, we find that the idea of ​​buying a property in Turkey and entering the world of real estate investment in Turkey is considered a successful idea

Choose what suits you and seize the opportunity.

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