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Feb 5, 2023

Turkey Real Estate: Learn About Yalova and its Investment Importance

Are you looking for Turkey real estate for sale in Yalova?

Turkey is considered one of the distinguished investment destinations in the world, and its coastal cities are witnessing increasing interest from investors and those interested in Turkey real estate. The city of Yalova is distinguished by its charming natural beauty and its strategic location on the Black Sea, making it one of the most important tourist and investment destinations in Turkey. In this article, we will explore the city of Yalova and highlight its investment importance and opportunities in Turkey real estate sector.


City location

It is located in the high mountains from the northwest side of Turkey, along the eastern shore of the most famous Turkish sea, the Sea of ​​Marmara, which of course gave it a privileged location in the arms of the wonderful nature. It directly overlooks the Marmara Sea. In terms of mountains, seas and beaches, there are also green spaces scattered in the city, which gives the city a moderately moderate climate that tends to be somewhat cold during the winter and hot and humid in summer, a climate that many foreigners find suitable for recreation.

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City climate

  • In summer, since the city is close to the Mediterranean Sea, its climate is characterized as moderate and Mediterranean. It is hot in the summer and the humidity is high.
  • In winter, Yalova winter is characterized by moderation, and the percentage of rain therein increases in the months of October and January and then gradually decreases. As for the snow, it covers the tops of the Yalova Mountains in winter, and the city was previously covered with white clothes several times.


How to get to Yalova?

There are 4 ways to get to Yalova:

  • By fast ferry from Yenikapi port to Yalova.
  • By slow ferry from the port of Pendik on the Asian tip pendik.
  • By bus from otogar european station.
  • By bus from HAREM Asian Station.

There are two ways to return from Yalova to Istanbul; from the port of Yalova iskelesi by ferry to either Yenikapi or Bandik.


The most beautiful tourist places in Yalova

The village of Chok Shadra, which is located 12 km from the tourist village of Termal, is characterized by its beautiful and simple rural atmosphere at the same time. It is a village known for its majestic beauty and picturesque nature.

The village of Termal, which is known for its historical monuments, the most famous of which is the ancient baths with hot springs. The history of the construction of these baths dates back to the Roman and Ottoman periods, and it is one of the most important reasons that attract tourists for the purpose of hospitalization and treatment of many diseases.

Sodoshan Falls, which is 9 km away from the center of Yalova, is not far away, which made it a target for many arrivals. The presence of the waterfalls is enough reason to attract tourists, visitors and camping enthusiasts greatly.


Investment in the Turkish city of Yalova

Investing in Yalova is one of the most successful investments in Turkey. As for investment, it is not limited to one area, as there are several areas for investment. One of the most important areas of investment in Yalova is real estate investment. As is well known and known that real estate investment in Turkey is one of the best and most successful investments. There are several areas for investment in Yalova, including education, health, buying and selling. But real estate investment is one of the best investments, as annually the value of real estate in Yalova increases by 24.5%.

The city's distinguished location and the advantages that it enjoys geographically and serviceably made it the focus of attention for many investors, as it is one of the best options for money owners. Undoubtedly, it is an incubating environment for investment.


Advantages of real estate investment in the Turkish city of Yalova

  • What distinguishes the city of Yalova is the nature of the picturesque area, which enjoys green scenery that is rarely described. And its geographical location close to the most important city, it is not far from Istanbul and it is also close to the city of Bursa, which made it a great destination for many foreign visitors with the intention of tourism and investment as well.
  • Real estate prices in the city of Yalova are distinct , where owners of money can own a property in the city of Yalova that is very similar to a property in Istanbul, but at half the price, and this is what made the city of Yalova popular with many money owners who want to invest and buy real estate at special prices.
  • The ease of transportation in Yalova, the availability of modern means of transportation and the best-equipped transportation networks make it a distinctive and easily accessible city. In addition to its quietness and lack of crowded areas, the population of the Turkish city of Yalova is about 200 thousand, compared to its large area of ​​847 square kilometers.

In the end, we find that the city of Yalova is one of the best Turkish cities in terms of investment and tourism, as it is a city with many tourist advantages, nature and beautiful areas that attract many Arab and foreign tourists, and it is considered one of the best small Turkish cities in terms of investment and real estate projects because of its competitive prices and location Important geography.


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