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Feb 5, 2023

Where to buy villas in Turkey overlooking the sea?

Villas in Turkey are considered a mixed-use property for investors, through which a lot of gains can be made.

Turkey in particular is very rich in this real estate category and there are a large number of areas in Istanbul that contain villas overlooking the sea .

Where are those places that contain villas overlooking the sea in Istanbul?

1 - Silivri area:

This area is characterized by a distinctive rural character and contains many villas for sale as well as overlooking the sea with distinctive and unique views, as what distinguishes the purchase of villas in Silivri is that it has many aspects of beauty, whether in the design of its homes and villas or the beauty of its picturesque nature, it overlooks directly on the Marmara Sea,

One of the most important features of Silivri Villas is that their spaces are large and spacious. Everyone who thinks about this step must be assured that he will never feel bored by living in them because he will have an opportunity to enjoy its rich nature of the charming green color, but if the person wants to buy it for the purpose of real estate investment, this will be More than wonderful because the opportunity for profits is great, especially since many eyes today are heading towards the countryside of Turkey, as they found a wonderful investment opportunity with a high return.

2- Uskudar region:

Uskudar is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, today the area has become a dream for many people and investors around the world who want to buy luxury villas. Going to it on excursions for the sake of self-entertainment and recreation, that all these details that exist in this area are sufficient to encourage investors to buy its villas, whether the purpose is housing or investment, in both cases the result will be material and moral profit where a comfortable life can be enjoyed with high luxury, the villas Inside is equipped with all modern facilities and distinctive decorations as well.

3- Arnavutkoy:

This area is also characterized by a rural atmosphere, but it is sufficiently sophistication and luxury that makes it not much different from the areas within the city. The Arnavutkoy area is surrounded by a wonderful group of important places such as the new Istanbul Airport, as it is close to the Basaksehir area, and the beautiful Belgrade forests that It is located in that region, adding more importance to it and making it a distinctive tourist destination for tourists and investors, and all these details lead us to the fact that the idea of ​​investing in Turkey villas will be excellent and with great profits.

The investor's purchase of villas overlooking the sea is of great importance. If the buyer of this type of villas aims to enter the real estate investment field, this means that he is on his way to earning a lot of money and high profits.

Many fell in love with the Turkish coast and it became the preferred choice for them to buy luxury villas overlooking the sea, as there are a good number of villas for sale in Bodrum overlooking the seaside, starting from the original style houses to the modern houses of modern construction that many desire, but their prices are considered high Very but not when compared to the grand villas in European countries where Turkey offers attractive offers at low cost.

There are some villas in the areas of Kalkan and Kas on the coast, where the investor can benefit from the port of Kas, as their prices are reasonable and their designs are modern and attractive.

There are also villas on Sovale Island in Fethiye Bay and it is the first island among the twelve islands between Fethiye and Gocek.

The villas have a direct view of the sea and have sidewalks extending to the water, but their prices are constantly increasing due to the large number of investment requests.

But in general, the prices of villas overlooking the sea are relatively higher than the prices of villas inside the city or that are far from the sea with their views.

However, prices in Turkey remain cheaper compared to the prices of villas in European countries, despite all the characteristics that distinguish them, whether in terms of area, location or services provided to investors.

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