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Istanbul real estate market:

One of the most important features of the real estate market in Istanbul is what it is working to offer from the variety of options available to investors, as Istanbul real estate is of great diversity that attracts attention, but the most important part of Istanbul real estate features is the diversity that surrounds real estate prices in Istanbul and that it is able to meet the various forms of requests that investors may provide, starting with cheap real estate and even luxury Istanbul real estate, not only residential, but Istanbul's commercial real estate is very diverse in terms of types and prices as well, so we find this great demand for Real estate in Istanbul in particular.


Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul:

As we have already mentioned, real estate prices in Istanbul, as well as their types, are very diverse, and one of the most prominent types of real estate in Istanbul is cheap real estate, which constitutes a golden opportunity for investment, especially for people with low incomes and owners of small capital who want to buy a property in Istanbul from the start And make their investment way, and Istanbul is the ideal place to find cheap apartments for sale. These cheap properties also vary to include various forms of residential real estate in Istanbul, starting with houses in Istanbul, Istanbul houses, and cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul. Residential properties are among the The most important types of real estate in Istanbul at all, because it is very desirable and the demand for it is constant and permanent, as the need for a place to live and stability is an indispensable need, so we note that there is a great diversity in these residential properties and you can search for cheap apartments for sale In Istanbul in many areas, which is already known to be able to provide many excellent options to suit different tastes and requirements.


Istanbul luxury real estate:

This category of real estate in Istanbul is a very important category because it is very private and has specific customers, usually of the velvet class, senior businessmen and foreign investors. This category includes a very distinct group of real estate, the most important of which are villas for sale in Istanbul. Istanbul is one of the most popular types of real estate in Istanbul, especially those with exclusive views. Villas for sale with a sea view can be obtained, which are the most expensive and finest types of Istanbul real estate, due to the unlimited features it enjoys, both in terms of housing In it or even investment, it is also capable of being a center for the opening of a private project by restructuring and transforming it into a private company or office or even opening a restaurant, hotel, small hospital or even a kindergarten.

Istanbul's luxury real estate also includes many other options that suit different needs, such as huge luxury palaces, penthouses, duplexes and other luxury urban apartments.

While recently a very special new category has been added to the list of luxury Istanbul real estate, which is smart apartments in Turkey, which constitutes a revolution in the world of technology and real estate because it combines the two in a very impressive image and is considered one of the most expensive and most expensive forms of real estate in Istanbul because of Low number and high demand.


Commercial real estate in Istanbul:

Of course, it is not possible to talk about the forms of real estate in Istanbul without addressing commercial real estate, which is an integral part of real estate investment in Istanbul, because it is considered a distinguished investment opportunity thanks to what it is working to bring to investors in it, because it is always usable and Employment in various available and possible ways to achieve investment returns. When we mention the types of commercial real estate in Istanbul, we note the presence of offices, shops, and of course warehouses, companies, hotels, restaurants and cafes, each of which constitutes a very promising investment project, not only at the present time. But in the near future and in the long run the same is the case.

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