Advantages of buying a property in Zeytinburnu

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The advantages of the location of Zeytinburnu district in Istanbul, Turkey:

Zeytinburnu is one of the most important neighborhoods in the European part of Istanbul, which is known as the upscale part of the city, and its various neighborhoods have been dominated by a whiff of sophistication and luxury that dominates the general appearance. Zeytinburnu is one of the most preferred areas by businessmen and The owners of capital, as they are chosen to be a stable for the luxury Istanbul houses that they will buy and live in. In addition to the above, the reason for this region’s great preference is the special attention it receives from the Turkish government, which is constantly working to support projects And the plans that raise the level of infrastructure owned by the Zeytinburnu area, especially in terms of transportation and the transportation network, which makes the location of the Zeytinburnu area very important as it is linked to various parts of Istanbul through secure transportation.


Advantages of Zeytinburnu district in Istanbul, Turkey:

Zeytinburnu has many elements that make it one of the best real estate investment options in Istanbul, the most important of which are:

* As it includes several modern neighborhoods, as for the rest of its neighborhoods, despite it being an old popular area, work on modernizing and developing it is in full swing.

* The options for real estate investment in Istanbul are very diverse, especially when it comes to Istanbul residential real estate, but what distinguishes the Zeytinburnu area is that it contains the most preferred options for investors when it comes to Istanbul luxury residential real estate, as it includes many huge residential complexes and Which is dominated by the character of sophistication that dominates the Zeytinburnu area in general, and we find that these residential complexes are equipped with the latest and best modern technologies and are characterized by one of the most important factors that help raise the investment value and real estate prices in Istanbul, which are the charming sea views, as the All these residential complexes enjoy views of the dazzling Marmara Sea coast.

* The city of Istanbul is one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey, and it can be said that it enjoys the position of the country’s tourism center. Therefore, most areas in the city have a tourist importance because it contains historical and tourist attractions, but the Zeytinburnu area is considered a tourist area with distinction, and that Thanks to the great beauty that it enjoys, which attracts thousands of tourists and visitors from all over the world every year, and this contributes to making it a more vibrant and active area in addition to its original movement.

* The city of Istanbul is the largest and most populous city among the Turkish cities, which makes it in constant movement and activity around the clock, as it is the city that does not sleep, so we find that investors are actively looking for luxury Istanbul houses, but which provide them with an atmosphere From calm and tranquility away from the crowds of Istanbul, and Zeytinburnu area works to provide this atmosphere through its scattered public parks, green spaces and parks that provide an ideal atmosphere for children to play and comfortable places for a leisure tour, whether with family members or On your own to enjoy a session in the lap of the charming nature.


The most important tourist attractions in the Zeytinburnu area in Istanbul, Turkey:

* Panorama Historical Museum:

The construction of this distinguished museum cost nearly five million US dollars about twelve years ago, but when you enter it, you may be so fascinated by it that you will think that its real age exceeds hundreds of years. It is very beautiful and a visit to such a museum gives an opportunity to learn about the details of the past. The ancient in our time, through the distinctive experience that it provides through the latest technologies and audio devices.

*Istanbul Castle Wall:

This castle dates back to antiquity, but nevertheless it still retains the beauty and distinctive touch that it enjoys, and represents a living example of the greatness of ancient history.

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Advantages of buying a property in Turkey

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