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Many people want to keep their money within an investment that will make them sustainable and earn profits. It has been noted that a large number of people go to Turkey to buy real estate in Turkey and enter the real estate investment world in Turkey, and this is certainly due to the reasons and advantages It makes buying a property in Turkey desirable

Below we will mention the most important advantages that you will get when buying a property in Turkey.

The possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship:

Did you know that you can obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment?

Of course, this is possible, and this is according to Turkish laws that allowed foreign investors to obtain Turkish citizenship when they buy an apartment in Turkey at a price of at least 250 thousand US dollars. This can be by buying one property or a group of properties. There are some conditions to be met, for example, That the property be purchased from a Turkish national, and that this property be kept for a full three years without selling, and it is also necessary to extract the real estate appraisal document before applying for citizenship.

There is no doubt that Turkish citizenship has many advantages, and the opportunity to obtain a Turkish passport is irreplaceable because of its advanced ranking globally.

Real estate with excellent specifications and cheap prices:

One of the most important reasons for buying a house in Turkey is the real estate prices in Turkey, which are very cheap when compared to real estate prices in neighboring European countries, despite its excellent specifications, as it is known that the real estate market in Turkey It includes many options that suit all tastes and societal groups , where you can find cheap apartments for sale in Turkey , and you can also find luxury properties such as villas , farms and others .

Obtaining real estate residency:

There are a large number of investors who run businesses in Turkey and need to travel to it permanently and reside on its lands, and these may struggle to obtain residency in Turkey, so when buying a property in Turkey, you will directly obtain real estate residency, whatever the price of the property you purchased and This will make it easier for you to enter and exit Turkey.

Many forms of successful real estate investment in Turkey:

The importance of the real estate sector in Turkey and its great role in supplying the Turkish economy is due to diversity and innovation in it, and this leads to the existence of many forms of real estate investment in Turkey through which many profits can be made. For example, it is possible to buy a house in Turkey and from Renting it and thus can achieve a fixed income per month, or you can buy a property and then sell it after a period of time after its price increases, and certainly investing in commercial real estate in Turkey means making an abundant profit by opening a restaurant, cafe, mall or hotel But it must be noted that the success of any real estate investment is linked to studying the market well and testing the ideal location for the property.

Benefit from tax cuts and real estate laws:

When you buy a property in Turkey, you will benefit from the laws and legislation approved by the Turkish government to facilitate the process of owning real estate by foreigners, as it has reduced the taxes resulting from the purchase of real estate in it, and it has also abolished the law of reciprocity, which stipulated that the purchase of real estate in Turkey was not allowed. Except for foreigners whose state allows Turks to buy real estate in it. It also imposed on everyone the issuance of the tax number, which was found to regulate all purchases and sales, not only of real estate, but also the purchase of any mechanism or private property..


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