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Feb 5, 2023

Ways to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Many people want to obtain Turkish citizenship, and this is of course due to the many advantages that Turkish citizenship and the Turkish passport have, as it allows its holders to enter a large number of countries without the need for an entry visa, this is in addition to the right to completion, the right to education and health insurance, which It is automatically acquired upon obtaining Turkish citizenship.

And if you want to become a Turkish citizen, you must learn about the different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship.

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:

This method is considered one of the most popular ways that foreign investors resort to, as they can obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey, but certainly this property must meet a set of conditions, as the price of the property must reach a minimum of 250 thousand dollars or the equivalent of And it is possible for the investor to buy several properties whose total prices meet this condition. It is also necessary that this property be kept without being sold for at least three full years, after which he can apply for Turkish citizenship.

And here we must note that due to the high demand for buying real estate in Turkey with the intention of obtaining citizenship, it was necessary to organize the process to control cases of real estate fraud and this was done by issuing a document called the real estate appraisal document that must be submitted with the necessary papers to obtain citizenship and Through which the real estate condition is studied and evaluated to determine the appropriate price of the property, through companies affiliated with the Turkish government, thus ensuring that this property is worth the amount of 250 thousand dollars without fraud and deception.

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment:

Turkish citizenship can be obtained by investing in several ways, not limited to real estate investment only, as the investor can purchase government bonds of at least $ 500,000 and keep them for a period of three years, and he can also deposit an amount of money in a Turkish bank, provided that it is not less About 500 thousand dollars and it is kept for three whole years as well, and some people resort to investing 500 thousand dollars in fixed assets, under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship by employing Turks:

If you are a business owner and own a specific company in Turkey, you can obtain Turkish citizenship by employing 50 workers or employees who hold Turkish citizenship, and this number has been reduced, as it was previously 100 Turkish employees, and thus we find that it is an excellent opportunity for company owners to enjoy Turkish citizenship advantages .

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage:

A person can also obtain Turkish citizenship by marrying a person with Turkish citizenship. Of course, this marriage must be in order to continue. Therefore, there is a condition that the two parties do not divorce for a period of three years, otherwise he cannot apply for Turkish citizenship.

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship through proof of parentage:

There are some people whose roots go back to Turkey, and these people can apply for Turkish citizenship, provided they have papers and documents that prove the correctness of their words and prove their Turkish origin.

-Obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship:

There are some exceptional cases in which individuals are granted Turkish citizenship, as if the individual is a person with scientific qualifications and has contributed to the issuance of scientific progress and development. Turkish citizenship can also be granted in some humanitarian cases to people who have been exposed to certain problems.

The ways to obtain Turkish citizenship vary to suit the largest number of people and open the opportunity for those who wish to become a Turkish citizen, so what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the opportunity and do not waste time!

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