Do not make these mistakes when applying for Turkish citizenship by investment

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How to pay the price of the property in Turkey:

The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment requires a foreign investor to buy property in Turkey, and this property must fulfill a set of pre-determined conditions, including that the amount paid for it achieves a certain limit, which is in the case of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment is equal to two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, and this amount must be paid for the investment. It should be noted that the method of payment or payment must be by bank transfer from the investor’s account, that is, directly by him, but in In the event that this is not possible, or the investor desires to delegate a third party to carry out this task on his behalf, this person must be delegated through an official agency and certified by the notary or the notary, otherwise this will not be permitted and is considered legally unacceptable.


Personal data related to the investor:

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment requires submitting an official application to the competent authorities in this matter, and this application for Turkish citizenship requires submitting a set of official papers and documents in order to prove a lot of information, but the most important of these documents is the personal ones. That is, that works to prove the identity of the foreign investor who wants to buy property in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. Therefore, when submitting these papers, attention must be paid to their accuracy during their transfer, as the full name of the investor should be written exactly as it is contained in the passport Traveling on the bank receipt because forgetting or making a mistake in a word of it may be the reason that will lead to the rejection of the application for Turkish citizenship through the investment of this foreign investor.


Ensure the formality and credibility of the real estate appraisal document:

The value of the property in Turkey that will be used in the application for Turkish citizenship is pre-determined by the laws related to the purchase of real estate in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment, and the Turkish government requests proof of the value of the property that it claims to have achieved this condition and method from The order to prove this is the real estate appraisal document, but in addition to that, it requires that the appraisal report on the price of the property be prepared by an expert or a specialized company with previous experience in this field, and that this party who amends the real estate appraisal document is licensed and recognized by the government Turkish, as many foreign investors who want to buy property in Turkey with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment are exposed to problems and obstacles in the progress of this process due to their lack of commitment to this part and exposure to fraud and fraud cases due to reports prepared by experts or companies It is not authorized or lacks sufficient experience in this field, so the issue must be given great attention because any mistake may affect your chance of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment.


Obtaining a residence permit for investors before applying for Turkish citizenship by investment:

While applying for Turkish citizenship through investment, foreign investors must first obtain a residence permit for investors before they apply for citizenship, although the laws related to foreigners obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey requires the presence of the foreign investor within the Turkish territory in order to apply for a residence permit, but within the framework of this type of residence permit application, the presence of foreign investors in Turkey is not imposed and they are allowed to appoint another party such as their lawyer, for example, to submit the application on their behalf, but this The matter does not apply to the family members of the foreign investor, although they also have the urge to obtain the investor's residence permit on the name of the investor's permit itself.

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