Tips to consider before you decide to move to Turkey

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 Turkey is a diverse country, and the culture differs from the east to the west. You can travel throughout Turkey at affordable cost, even just for weekend breaks. By visiting tourist attractions and individual places. There is nothing like personal experience.

Turkish cities are among global destination cities

In 2019, Istanbul received 13.4 million tourists, ranking eighth, while Antalya, with 12.4 million tourists, ranked 10th among the most-visited cities in the world, according to Business Insider.

Business Insider published an annual report of the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index 2019 which ranked the 200 most-visited cities in the world based on actual 2019 monthly data. The annual report showed the rise of international travels to cities around the world.

Low cost of living

People who receive a monthly income in other than Turkish lira and those who still run property in their home country need to ensure they have a weekly system to managing their finances. Exchange rates and interest rates continually fluctuate, hence keep a careful eye on income and outgoing costs, and otherwise you can soon find yourself out of pocket.

Many expats choose Turkey due to the low cost of living. Affordable household bills include water, gas, electricity and internet.

Many expats who have sold their property back home also deposit sizeable amounts of money into high-interest accounts in Turkey and withdraw the interest monthly.

Affordable property

Although, the Turkish architecture and modern housing are the new norm, but prices are still low when compared to European countries. For real estate investors, this is an ideal real estate investment with much potential for long term capital appreciation.

Interest savings rates

Turkey keeps on giving when it comes to money because some expats deposit money in high-interest savings accounts offering rates between 7 to 14%. For those, who sold property in their home country, this is a sizeable investment and after paying tax on savings have enough to live on, without touching their savings.

The job market in Turkey

The Turkish economy is being characterized by sustainable growth over the last years. Along with the agricultural and textile sectors, tourism industry and electronics are booming and offer many job opportunities for foreigners. Even though it is not easy to obtain a work permit in Turkey, highly qualified professionals in tourism, real estate sector, ELT and IT are welcome. Native speakers from the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada are also in demand. They can easily immigrate to Turkey and work as the teachers of English or other foreign languages.

Education in Turkey

Public schools in Turkey are free of charge for both nationals and foreigners. It is worth mentioning that private schools also stick to the Turkish national curriculum, but some of those offer bilingual education. Many expats moving to Turkey choose international schools for their children which offer US, British, German, and French curriculums. Most international schools are located in Ankara and Istanbul.

There are many universities and higher educational institutions in bigger cities of Turkey. Students from different parts of the country usually move to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa to study at universities.

Healthcare in Turkey

Every citizen and legal resident can directly refer to a needed medical professional upon necessity. Foreigners who have a valid residence permit for at least a year are eligible to apply for a healthcare insurance scheme.

The quality of public healthcare services in Turkey differs across the country. That is why many expats usually opt to choose private healthcare insurance. Turkey is already known as a medical tourism destination as many private clinics in Istanbul and Ankara employ highly-qualified English-speaking doctors with international education and years of practice abroad.


Without a doubt, one reason Turkey is among the top ten holiday destinations in the world is the welcoming hospitality inbred in Turkish culture. Many expats living here, first came for a holiday and returned to absorb the friendly culture 12 months of the year.

Weather and climate

Nice weather is one of the reasons that make Turkey is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Turkey has warm summers that bring in people far afar.

Think 250 to 300 days of sunshine a year to understand why people flock here for year-round residence. Turkey has several climate zones, and although January and February are the rainy months.

Outdoor lifestyle

The weather also lends weight to an outdoor lifestyle which doctors agree is good for our health. Whether indulging in sports, lounging by the pool or on the beach, pursuing hobbies or alfresco dining styles, the only time people stay indoors, is the rainy season which lasts from January to March.

Healthy food

Fast-food chains make a roaring trade, and supermarkets feature frozen food to go, yet despite this, Turks still embrace healthy eating. The local weekly farmers market is the social highlight and traditional dishes featuring fresh organic vegetables are the pinnacle point of every family dinner table.

Transportation network 

Over the last 20 years, Turkey has invested billions into upgrading infrastructure. New highways and bridges cut travelling times down by half, while the new Istanbul airport on the European side is one of the most significant air travel hubs in the world.

Language barrier

Language is the main disadvantage of living in Turkey, as the Turks prefer to communicate in their language and love those who speak it, therefore, the residents in Turkey face difficulty in communication, although the Turkish language is one of the languages that can be learned quickly, and soon you find yourself able to speak the first communication sentences, and little by little, you practice the language and delves into it. There are countless examples of residents being able to master this language that has a large number of Arabic and other foreign words in it.

Learn a few Turkish words

Many people ask: Can you live in turkey without knowing Turkish? Starting to learn Turkish before your move will be a great advantage for you. Without a proper Turkish course, learning Turkish may be a little bit hard, but you can learn a few useful words that you can come handy when you travel to Turkey. The Turkish language may not be easy to learn but after you start to live in Turkey, you will pick up the Turkish language much faster.

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