What are the conditions that must be met in the property to obtain Turkish citizenship?

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When Turkey established laws to obtain Turkish citizenship, it specified the papers required in order to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey, and provided facilities for those coming to Turkey with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship, and the new Turkish citizenship law stipulates that the foreigner obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property worth 250 thousand dollars or more after reducing the amount that was one million dollars in the old law, and this is what made the government receive large numbers of applications for citizenship in accordance with the amended law.

What are the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship?

A copy of the title deed of the property.

Obtaining a valid property evaluation report, and it is extracted from one of the evaluation institutions licensed by the Turkish government within a maximum period of three days and no more than that, and the validity of this report lasts for 90 days, ie three months.

Submit the original papers and receipts that were paid from the buyer's bank account, provided that these receipts are sealed with a live seal by the sending bank and signed by the employee responsible for that process.

The original copy of the bank receipts issued from the seller’s account shall also be delivered, as well as sealed with a live seal from the bank, as these receipts are what prove that the value of the property has been paid in full so that the ownership of the property is transferred from the seller to the buyer with the Turkish government agencies.

Submit two copies of the private agency, which the investor assigns to the lawyer responsible for submitting and following up the file of obtaining Turkish citizenship and the advantages of Turkish citizenship for him and his family, and it is worth mentioning that the agency is organized through a notary, i.e. the notary.

If the person wishes to add the investor’s wife/husband to the citizenship application file, he must in this case submit a similar agency for each of the spouses, and in some cases it can be merged and organized into one joint agency for the client and his wife.

Passports must be attached, provided that they are translated into Turkish for each family member, husband/wife/children under the age of 18 and must be certified by a notary public after translation.

Documents required from the property owner to obtain Turkish citizenship for him and his family:

The application form for obtaining Turkish citizenship “real estate” must be written in large and clear Latin letters precisely so that the data is not missing, and then the application must be signed by the property owner or his legal agent.

We must enclose the mother’s consent to grant her children under the age of 18 Turkish citizenship with the papers in the event that the husband applies for citizenship to him and his children only, without the wife, if the husband does not want the wife to obtain citizenship or if the wife is divorced. In the event that both spouses apply together to obtain Turkish citizenship for themselves and their children, this approval is not needed.

Submit a document showing the person's marital status as to whether he is single, but if he is married, he must submit a marriage contract document.

Birth certificate, civil record extract, or any document showing the date of birth of the applicant for citizenship.

Family book or family statement document.

Two clear, up-to-date biometric photos for all family members

As for the property:

The property must have a legal title deed, either the floor easement deed or the title deed, even if it is still under construction.

The property price should be more than 250 thousand US dollars.

Paying the price of the property by bank transfer from a bank outside or inside Turkey.

Regularly registering the property in the Tapu Department (Land Registry), whether the property is ready, or is still under construction

To buy property in Turkey from a Turkish person or a Turkish construction company

It is also required to obtain a real estate appraisal report from a real estate appraisal company approved by the Turkish government

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