Title deed (Tabu) in Turkey, in detail

Tapu (brief for Tapu Senedi) is Turkish interpretation for identify Deed, it is the most effective r...

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Tapu (short for Tapu Senedi) is turkish translation for Title Deed, it is the ONLY record indicating that you have received full ownership of your property acquired in Turkey. Those who want to own property in Turkey should understand its significance. This article will explain everything you need to know about Tapu.

What is tapu?

Tapu (title deed) is a certificate of ownership and is one of the most important documents in Turkey while buying a property. In Turkey, the main state body organizing and controlling the processing of paperwork for purchased land/real estate is the Office of Cadastre and Tapu which is guarantor of the transparency & legality of the transaction.

Tapu types:

There are two types of Tapu: KAT MULKIYETI & KAT IRTIFAKI


It means that the construction company/developer has completed the construction of the property, received all the required approvals from local authorities granting residency to begin in the building as well as in each unit owned independently.


It means that the construction company/developer has divided independent unit within the complex and issued a separate TAPU for each of them. If you get this tapu, it shows that you are the owner of your independent unit.

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