Advantages of buying property in Sariyer

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The location of Sariyer district in Istanbul, Turkey:

Sariyer is one of the regions of the European part of Istanbul, in the far north of it, and its location is considered one of the most important strategic locations when it comes to buying Istanbul real estate, due to its great proximity to the famous Bosphorus Bridge, and it includes many Turkish villages in the part To the west of Istanbul, its borders form several other important areas, such as the Eyup region in the northern part and in the south there is the Bektas region, while on the western side comes the Sisli region


Features of Sariyer district in Istanbul, Turkey:

Sariyer has many advantages and elements that make it one of the best areas to search for luxury Istanbul real estate, thanks to its charming view of the Black Sea shore, as well as its proximity and view of the Bosphorus Strait, which is distinguished in the world and is an ideal place to enjoy watching the waves The sea hits the shiny sands on the golden beaches. What makes Sariyer with a distinctive nature is that you will find, next to the evaporation, the most beautiful and highest lofty mountain peaks, so that these views, along with the sea, its waves and its sound, constitute an ideal mixture for relaxation and enjoyment of arms Beautiful green nature.


Advantages of buying real estate in Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey:

* The luxury real estate area in Istanbul:

It can be said that Sariyer is an example to be followed and is mentioned as the first choice when talking about the most important and most luxurious areas for buying Istanbul real estate, as it is considered one of the most prestigious and luxurious areas of the European part of Istanbul, and it represents a housing gathering by the owners of capital and Senior businessmen, and also includes the elite of the high society and the velvet class in Istanbul, including artists, actors and other celebrities, in addition to senior government officials such as ministers and deputies. In short, Sariyer is ranked third in the list of the most expensive and luxurious real estate purchase areas.

* Sariyer district is classified as a tourist area par excellence in Istanbul:

The city of Istanbul in general is considered one of the most important tourist centers not only in Turkey, but in all of the continent of Asia as well as the continent of Europe, and although it includes many and many famous and distinguished tourist areas, the name of the Sariyer area is considered one of the most prominent and The most famous of these names, it attracts thousands of tourists and visitors from all over the world and foreign nationalities as well as the Arab, thanks to its possession of many areas and historical and distinctive tourist attractions, and among the most important of these landmarks we mention the Emirgan region, Yenikoy region and Tarabya region, as well as both From Bahceköy and Kilyos, as for the most important and prominent historical monuments, there is the Sakip Sabanci Museum and Rumeli Hisar Castle, which is considered one of the most important and largest castles in the Bosphorus region. We also mention the Sadberk Hanim Museum. There are many Ottoman-style houses and Which is considered one of the most beautiful that remains from the era of the Ottomans’ control, and it consists of old houses that were made of wood, and we do not forget, of course, to mention the Maslak Business District, which is one of the most famous and most famous areas and other areas that belong to the municipality of Sariyer in the city of Istanbul in Turkey.

* Sariyer offers a wide variety of high-end services:

What distinguishes Istanbul’s luxury real estate, which is located within the Sariyer area, is that all real estate in the Sariyer area is linked to a lot of distinguished and diverse services, especially such as security and excellent security protection, as it works to nationalize the spread of security men within the region and in an orderly manner in order to work on Ensuring the achievement of safety and maintaining stability, and there are cleaning services and environmental preservation by the cleaners. The luxury Istanbul real estate located in the Sariyer area also has a developed and dense transportation network that works to secure access to Istanbul, as well as to various regions of Turkey.

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