Ideas to increase profits from real estate rental in Turkey

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It is certain that not everyone who buys a property in Turkey aims to live in it if it is residential or to be a private workplace if it is a commercial property. There are many traders and investors who want to buy real estate in Turkey for the purpose of trade, by renting their properties or By selling it at a price higher than that which it bought, and this matter is widely spread among traders and those involved in real estate and investment matters, the great demand is due to the fact that this type of trade profits are high and huge.

• The best ideas that bring financial gain

Of course, there are many ideas and projects that bring great financial profits to the owner, we mention the most important of these ideas that have great success in Turkey:

• Buying an apartment in Turkey and reselling it

It is one of the best steps that the investor or the owner of this property can take, as this type of trade is guaranteed by a high percentage, for example, when you buy an apartment in Istanbul, wait a few years or even months and the price of this apartment will rise, and this It requires patience, but its end will be fruitful, and then you can sell the apartment and make profits that may enable you to expand your business by a large percentage.

• Buying and renting an apartment

 This is one of the most popular ideas in Turkey, and many real estate owners do it. The reason is that the profits of this project are good and the results are fast. The rent value in Turkey varies according to several reasons, the most important of which is the geographical location of the apartment, the surrounding services, its area and the surrounding infrastructure out. All of these factors change the rental value of the apartment. What helped this type of real estate investment flourish in Turkey is the presence of foreigners and students who want to get apartments in Turkey, whose number is constantly increasing, ensuring that the real estate market is not affected by economic problems and crises.

• Buying and investing in a land in Turkey

 It is one of the clearly profitable and effective ideas on the ground, where its results are not long, it needs patience and a short time and its price adjusts and rises gradually, which achieves high financial gains for its owner, and the profits are large depending on the type of land and its area, its surroundings and the topographical specifications that the land enjoys, so These details must be studied before making a purchase.

• What is the right time to rent real estate in Turkey and make profits?

Turkey is one of the countries in which the demand for rent and apartments does not stop on a monthly basis, but this increases clearly in the summer, as many families want to change their place of residence and rent in a different place, and in the summer also the tourism sector is very active, which raises The rates of demand for apartments with the intention of renting them, and this is what is most famous for the city of Istanbul in particular, which contributes to improving the real estate market for real estate owners and achieving profits.

• Notes that must be used to achieve profits

o Diversity in the type of real estate and not fall into stereotypes, where it is better for real estate to be diversified between apartments - villas - offices, as this diversity will constitute a great experience for the property owner and will strengthen his market.

o Promote the property that the property owner intends to sell, whether it is an apartment or office, and pay great attention to the advertising aspect and show the best qualities and advantages about the apartment to be sold or rented, and this raises the rate of selling or renting it soon and at the best prices.

o Great and comprehensive knowledge of Turkish laws related to real estate and the laws of purchase and rent, and in this matter guarantee financial gains in a safe manner, free from any questions or violations.

o Take advantage of the mistakes that the real estate owner may make, especially those entering this field for the first time, they must search extensively and fully familiar with this field, and avoid the mistakes of beginnings in the event that a property is sold or rented.

• Conclusion

We note that achieving profits in Turkey in the Turkish real estate market requires experience and good choice. Gains and profits are inevitably present. Turkey is one of the most prosperous urban and economic countries, and the real estate sector in it hardly calms down and is in permanent prosperity, so it remains for the owners of funds to choose the appropriate and follow the necessary steps to reap the gains and profits.

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