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The real estate in Kathigane, Istanbul, has seen a flood of investment from all sorts of buyers who are either looking to capitalize on the emerging market or searching for a peaceful place to live.

If you are also looking for a property to invest in the region of Kagithane, then you have landed at the right place. We will help you learn about this region from an investment perspective.

This will help you understand why it is better for you to get a property in the area. So with that said, let’s start with an overview of the area and then see why you should invest in real estate in Turkey’s prominent regions.

Background and Overview of the Area:

Sitting in the European side of Istanbul, Kagithane goes over the Cendere shores and connects with Eyup, Sariyer, Sisli, Beyoglu,and Besiktas districts. The region has a very rich history dating back to the 18th century in the Ottoman era. However, the industrialization and illegal builds in the mid-twentieth century overshadowed its reputation from the golden era.

But the tireless efforts by the local council over the last three decades successfully eradicated this objectionable reputation. And now, with modern developments, the region is quickly becoming a rising star of Istanbul’s real estate market. Plus, with the availability of frequent intercity transportation at affordable rates has made this city a very desirable place to live in.

Why Real Estate in Kagithane is the Best For Investments?

The area is an all-rounder in the truest sense of the word because of the availability of different kinds of properties that fit all kinds of budgets. From economic to luxury buyers, everyone can find a place to live in or invest in without much struggle. The housing market encompasses apartments, studios, and penthouses with 1-5 bedrooms.

Although many properties are available in real estate in Kagithane, Istanbul, most of the new and seasoned investors are opting for new and off-plan developments. These projects provide investors with a good amount of savings through various interest-free payment plans and further discounts. Besides new developments, commercial infrastructures like Istanbul Sapphire mall and Levent Safir mall that are major contributors to the increasing popularity of its real estate market.

Katighane also offers great academic opportunities with educational institutes like Zişan Alkoçİöo and İstanbul Atlas University. Plus, a lot of people visit here just to see hot tourist spots like the Hisart CanlıTarih Museum, Tawkentski Oblist Pasolik Ming Chinor Museum, and Abide-iHurriyet Mosque. All of these things play a major role in significantly increasing the value of this rising star in Istanbul’s real estate market.

Parting Words:

Whether you are looking to make an investment or buy a property to live in Istanbul, Katighane is one of the best regions for this. You can get a property now when the prices are still under your budget as the market will soon witness a massive increase in value because of the new and upcoming development projects.

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