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Feb 5, 2023

Advantages of buying real estate in the Sile district of Istanbul

Şile has been the destination of the Ottoman sultans and princes over the years for its beauty and the charm of its nature, its towering mountains and its view of the Black Sea, which makes it the first destination for tourists currently, as it steals their hearts with The diversity of its activities and the splendor of its coasts.

Where is Sile located in Istanbul?

It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, 63 km from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport and 77 km from the European side, with a population of only 30 thousand people.

Advantages of living in the Sile district of Istanbul

Living in Silla has a special nature. An excellent tourist area, characterized by its cleanliness, the purity of its waters, its pure air, its picturesque nature, its pleasant mild climate and its charming beaches. Thus, the area is home to villas with modern designs, detached houses with a single complex, with social facilities suitable for those who are looking for comfort and tranquility, and nearby is Sancaktepe, which is a lively and beautiful district of Istanbul.

What are the most beautiful places in Silla?

Şile lighthouse

Şile Lighthouse is located on the coast of Şile district where the Bosphorus strait meets the Black Sea. The lighthouse was erected in 1859 during the Ottoman Empire in the form of a tower of slopes with a height of 60 meters and a height of 110 cm above sea level. The view of the lighthouse is estimated to be approximately 20 nautical miles, giving visitors the most amazing images of the lighthouse and its surroundings from an enchanting panoramic view of the sea.

Health Şile

You can see the most important and most famous treatment attractions in the Turkish region of Sile, which is based on sand and hot mineral springs, the most famous of which is the Cry Rock fountain, whose water comes from among the rocks as if human tears.

Visitors go for lounging on the imaginary sandy beach, which is a must-do opportunity to camp there and spend a night of life bathed in the lights by the beach.

Şile Beach

Şile has a series of clean, calm and shallow beaches along 60 km of shoreline, giving tourists plenty of space to enjoy swimming or some water sports like boating with the family.

Serenitipe Park

It is located on top of a tall tower that reveals the whole area of ​​Silla, giving visitors a moment to see the most beautiful scenery, with the gentle cool breeze air.

Sheila Sacligol

It is one of the most famous landmarks of Silla, surrounded by dense forests and green areas, as well as a series of restaurants that allow you to dine in the open air and picturesque landscapes.

And other places:

The most important tourist places in Sheila:

The Hidden Lake: It is considered one of the most important and most beautiful tourist centers within the Shayla region, surrounded by green spaces and forests.

- Kom Baba Plateau: Your visit to this plateau and the adjacent beach will allow you to learn about the most famous medical tourism areas in Sheila, to which tourists come to take advantage of the mineral and hot waters to treat rheumatic diseases and breathing.

Schools and Universities in Sile Istanbul

Şile has educational institutions, the educational process of which includes stages (kindergarten, primary and preparatory), while there is a private university nearby, FMV Isik University, founded in 1996, with English as the primary language of study.

Infrastructure in Silla

The importance of Şile region as a permanent tourist destination has given it great interest in the level of services and the provision of all life necessities, especially as it is a viable area for real estate investment in Turkey in terms of rent or investment in tourism, such as restaurants and hotels.

Advantages of investing in Shilla

Sile's growing tourism sector has made it a profitable investment opportunity for the future. In recent years, it has managed to attract a large number of investors wishing to enter the real estate and tourism investments sector.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Sile

Have a property in a clean rural environment with nice modern living conditions.

Availability of detached houses grouped with one complex fence, and social facilities suitable for families.

Availability of villas to suit all tastes.

Its proximity to Sabiha Gokcen International Airport.

The apartments comply with the conditions and laws of Turkish citizenship.

Investors have increased interest in buying real estate in Istanbul within the Sile area, due to a number of reasons, perhaps the most important of which are the distinctive location and the pleasant climate that Sile enjoys, in addition to being away from the hustle and bustle of the city center and providing a life full of calm and tranquility.

The importance of this tourist area also reflected positively on real estate prices and contributed to increasing its investment importance significantly.

The area includes different forms of real estate where you can find villas for sale in Istanbul in addition to separate houses, regular apartments, farms, etc., and what distinguishes their properties is that they are suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

In the end, if you are thinking of buying property in Istanbul, Şile is one of the most beautiful areas that combines many features, so keep it in mind.

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