What is the importance of the real estate appraisal document in Turkey

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The demand for buying real estate in Turkey has increased significantly recently, due to a group of encouraging reasons for real estate investment in Turkey, including low real estate prices and the facilities provided by the Turkish government to own real estate in Turkey and the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship by purchasing property in Turkey .

And to organize this process, the Turkish government has issued some necessary documents that serve the main objective, and among these documents is the real estate appraisal document. What is its importance? And why do we use it?

Definition of the real estate appraisal document in Turkey:

The real estate appraisal document has become important to everyone who wants to buy property in Turkey and obtain Turkish citizenship, and this document has been issued to organize the real estate ownership process and ensure that there is no fraud.

As for its details, it is a report that includes all the details related to the property. Through this report, the house in Turkey is evaluated to know the price it deserves . Of course, this is not done randomly, but by companies licensed by the Turkish government, to ensure that there is no Price manipulation, this document is also called the real estate valuation document.

The mechanism for obtaining a real estate appraisal document in Turkey:

The great importance and the increasing demand for the real estate appraisal document as a result of the need for it when applying for Turkish citizenship, made the Turkish government work to speed up the process of extracting it, as it does not take more than four to seven days from the date of submission of the application at the maximum. As for the validity period of this document, as It is known that real estate prices in Turkey are constantly changing, so this document that estimates the price of real estate in Turkey is valid for a period of three months , and it can be used for everything you may need during these three months, as it can be used more than once.

Important points about the real estate appraisal document in Turkey:

There are some conditions that must be met in order for the real estate appraisal document to be valid for use, including that this document is issued by a company with a legal license from the Turkish government, as any document issued by an unauthorized individual or company is not recognized, and it is also necessary to pay Attention to its validity date, because applying for Turkish citizenship by investing in an expired document is not acceptable and it is not possible to happen . Therefore, attention should be paid so the period between its issuance and submission does not exceed three months.

The importance of the real estate appraisal document in Turkey:

Some may wonder about the importance of having a real estate appraisal document and what it will benefit the foreign investor, and we are here to answer: The real estate appraisal document’s main objective is to protect the investor from manipulation and fraud, as there are some people who take advantage of the investor’s ignorance of the Turkish real estate market and real estate prices to ask for prices It is illogical for ordinary real estate and does not deserve this price, and as a result of the great demand for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, it was necessary to organize the process to ensure that the property meets the required condition, which is that its price is at least 250 thousand US dollars, and We do not forget that this adds great credibility and increases the value of investment security in Turkey and thus encourages investors to buy real estate in Turkey and guarantee their rights.


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