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Feb 5, 2023

Which is better for housing and investment, Bahcesehir or Beylikduzu ?

Over the past fifteen years, Istanbul has undergone a change in aesthetics. The city has expanded outward to the surrounding areas to offer any expatriate all the advantages of city life without the hustle and bustle. The large apartment buildings called collective residential lifestyle or apartment complexes are characterized by clean and modern architecture.

Of course, one of the important benefits of buying in neighborhoods away from the central areas such as Fatih and Taksim is the reasonable prices. Due to Istanbul's high status, it drives the most expensive housing prices in Turkey. However, with two-bedroom apartments in less central neighborhoods, starting at £50,000, the city is now attracting a wider client base. With all this in mind, everyone now has more neighborhoods to choose from. Lots of choices are excellent, but which areas offer good places to live in Istanbul?

Bahcesehir neighborhood

Located in European Istanbul, Bahcesehir is rapidly gaining momentum as an ideal residential area. The extremely excellent value per square meter has proven to be particularly popular with families and city workers looking to commute, and families on a budget are also attracted. Social life focuses on the artificial main lake in the center of Bahcesehir, and the shopping centers provide entertainment and dining places.

When expats move to Bahcesehir, there is no need to go to the city center, because everything is on their doorstep, including a well-organized and convenient transportation network.

The area near the new Istanbul Canal (Bosphorus 2) is a good investment destination as real estate experts expect prices to double in the area after the completion of this project. In addition to the availability of various services and facilities, Bahçeşehir district is distinguished by its high-end architectural style, which attracts those wishing to live this distinctive lifestyle.

The search for apartments for sale in the wonderful Bahcesehir area is an opportunity within the current prices, which are expected to increase many times in the coming period.

The high value of Bahcesehir's real estate

The area is famous for its many luxury residential complexes, with the highest amenities and security, social and health facilities, and many shops, offices and commercial complexes.

Bahcesehir has attracted great interest from investors in the real estate sector, as in recent years it has become an important center for attracting real estate investors. The area is witnessing a rise in real estate prices, especially in the areas near the lake. Observers expect real estate prices to rise by up to 50 percent, after the completion of the metro line project that will connect the area to the city's central areas.

The value of real estate in the region has increased in recent years thanks to the pioneering new real estate projects that have been created. In addition to these high-quality real estate projects, the presence of vast green spaces, in their calmness, made it one of the most preferred areas for investors, and it also became one of the most important areas of Istanbul, where the price per square meter reached 5000 liras after it was about 1500 liras.


Beylikduzu has gained a lot of popularity, especially with middle and upper class communities over the past 10 years that it has lived in.

For years during Ottoman rule and after the formation of the Turkish Republic, it was just a weekend destination, but that all changed at the turn of the century as people flocked to buy new and modern homes. The connection to the Metrobus system, which gave locals quick and easy access to the central areas of Istanbul, made them close and popular.

Beylikduzu residents have everything on their doorstep and are easy to reach. Recently, increasingly more luxurious residences were sold in Beylikduzu. They are an ideal choice for those who love the more elegant side of life with a relaxed atmosphere.

Beylikduzu has a clean, windy and more airy atmosphere than the central areas of Istanbul. With wooded areas in nearly every part of it, seasonal trails transform into high-quality visual nourishment.

Transportation in Beylikduzu:

We mentioned the Metrobus line that made it easy to reach Beylikduzu. In the near future, it is planned to establish the Ministry of Transport for the Beylikdüzü - Bakirkoy Metro. This line will also be connected to the Yenikapı - İncirli metro line. That is, the area can be reached from all public transport lines.

From Beylikduzu, Ataturk Airport is 13 km away. There are two connecting roads from Beylikdüzü to TEM (Trans-European Highway), Hadıköy and Esenyurt.

What is the difference then?

If you are looking for a suitable place for your family residence. It is close to schools and universities and is dominated by a comfortable and quiet urban style. Or your goal was suitable housing for a family with an average income. Bahcesehir is the place for you. With excellent infrastructure facilities and medical services nearby. And of course charming places where you can spend the weekend with your family. As for Beylikduzu, it is frankly a place suitable for more industrial activities, or business vacations within luxury hotels and properties.

Great facilities from banks and well serviced facilities... To the quiet real estate that makes you feel right at home.

Finally, what are the things that home buyers need to know to invest in general? It is necessary to check the deed of the house and see if it is a property with a floor or a height. It is important that the land you are planning to purchase is located in an area protected from earthquakes or close to water sources. This helps you to know the difference between gross and net square meters, in addition to taking care of social facilities and infrastructure and knowing these differences.

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