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Feb 5, 2023

Important information before you start investing in shops in Istanbul

The Turkish market is considered one of the strongest markets in the world at all levels, and this strength and capabilities appear in major cities, especially Istanbul, as it is the economic giant that well-deservedly tops the rest of the Turkish cities, and the wheel of the economy in it does not know calm, as it is in continuous prosperity and great development, in particular The investment field related to shops in Istanbul. Istanbul shops have a long-standing reputation that extends throughout history, and Istanbul’s geographical and strategic location is one of the most distinguished and sweetest sites, which makes it one of the best options that any searcher for shops may aspire to.

• Buying a shop in Istanbul

The prosperity and success witnessed by the Turkish market was evident to everyone at the level of Turkish cities in general and Istanbul in particular. There are two main types of shops in Turkey:

- Shops: These are shops that are invested in commercial complexes or residential complexes, for example a "market store".

- Commercial offices: they are apartments belonging to complexes that are rented by companies.

There are simple conditions for opening a shop in Turkey if the investor is a foreigner

It is certain that opening a store by a foreigner on Turkish territory requires the establishment of a commercial company through which he is allowed to exercise his economic activities with ease. There will be some procedures that the investor must follow if he decides to open a store in Istanbul:

-Personal photos of the owner of the shop to be opened

- A copy of the passport

-Deposit the equivalent of 25% of the value of the capital in the bank

-Obtaining a tax number for the company

• For a good start in investing in shops in Istanbul

- Location: It is one of the most important steps that the investor must take into consideration and carefully study the decision. This also depends on the main objective of the store that the investor wants to open. If the store provides public services, then the location is the indirect profit that the investor will achieve. Good looks are the most important factors that will achieve success for the investor.

- Transportation network: It is also related mainly to the location. The ease of access to the store is the most important reason that leads the project to success. The investor must study the area well and know the details related to the transportation network and the areas covered by the network.

- Services and facilities within the location of the commercial store: its first objective is to provide convenience to visitors and visitors, such as having a designated place for parking cars, for example, “outside parking” in addition to the store being close to an automatic teller machine “ATM”, providing surveillance cameras around the place, To ensure investor and visitor protection.

- Official documents: It is one of the most important procedures to be preserved, that the licenses of the shop are valid and documented by the necessary official authorities.

- Hiring an expert advisor in the investment fields and the real estate world: It is one of the most important things that will save the buyer a lot of fatigue and effort and will protect him from the pitfalls that he may fall into as a result of his lack of experience or lack of complete knowledge in this matter. The advisor is a safety valve for the buyer and will direct him to the right path. .

• Why should you invest in Istanbul's shops?

The Turkish market enjoys great confidence by all those involved in it, whether they are Turkish citizens or from outside the country. Capital has flowed hugely into the Turkish market, especially Istanbul, where it enjoys great financial support from foreign investors, so there is great confidence and a sense of comfort before Investors, where the rate of profits in investing shops in Istanbul is stable and constantly rising and improving, and what enhances the success of investing in shops in Istanbul is the facilities provided by the Turkish government in this regard, from facilitating papers and procedures, reducing taxes, and offering attractive real estate offers that the investor will rarely find a golden opportunity Like in European countries, and the treatment of foreign and Turkish investors by the Turkish state with the same laws, with great facilities for foreign investors, makes commercial investment a good opportunity for those wishing to make successful and guaranteed investments, although the worst case scenario is the failure of the shop project, which is an unlikely option. But even in this case, the investor can profit and avoid loss, by selling it to the store, as he will undoubtedly achieve a better and higher number than the one he paid previously in the real estate market. Istanbul is in constant prosperity and the demand for shops in it is increasing dramatically.

The commercial market in Istanbul is one of the most important markets at the global level, and investing in it is profitable and a great gain for the investor, whether it is investing in Turkey or Istanbul, as it is considered the most appropriate and best place for investment, because Turkey is a successful economic country that works greatly to provide comfort and facilities to all of He wants to invest in it, especially Istanbul, as it is the best option for you to start a commercial project in it.

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