The cheapest areas to buy apartments in Istanbul 2022

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What distinguishes Turkey from other neighboring countries is that it is a country with great real estate diversity. The ingredients that Turkey possesses may not exist in many other countries, especially its economic capital, Istanbul. The city's strategic location that connects the Asian side to the European one, its diverse Mediterranean climate, the huge cultural heritage it possesses, the great real estate offers offered by the state and the great interest in attracting capital and large investors, and many other reasons made Istanbul the focus of attention at home and abroad. Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular were not limited to attracting top businessmen and owners of large investments, but also strived to attract middle-income groups. This is the reality of what happened, as there are many middle-income people who were able to buy an apartment in Istanbul at a price commensurate with the possibilities they have.

• Istanbul areas that include cheap apartments

It is not a fantasy; Buying an apartment in Istanbul may be considered to some people as impossible, but the facts on the ground have another saying. Some may be surprised by the existence of cheap apartments in Istanbul, with an amount not exceeding 60 thousand US dollars. Yes, you will find it when you do enough research. A city like Istanbul is very large and the real estate options are almost endless. Each area has its own diverse and many options, and there are still many areas in Istanbul that have not been invested at all, and investors have not entered them yet, but they remain the focus of attention for many investors because of the cheap prices that will be in such areas. Among the most prominent areas that have apartments at reasonable prices:

- Esenyurt, Istanbul, which is one of the active areas witnessing real estate activity. It became known for its cheap and affordable apartments. According to the latest purchasing statistics, the square meter of an apartment in this area amounted to about $375 per square meter.

- Basaksehir, it is known as New Istanbul, where the latest urban buildings are located in this area. Its fame has recently increased due to its remarkable urban renaissance and promising economic projects. The price per square meter in an area like Basaksehir is about 700 US dollars per square meter.

- Beylikduzu area, known for its distinguished location, as it is located on the European side of Istanbul. This area is witnessing real estate development and prosperity, especially because it is distinguished by its apartments that resemble European apartments in their beauty and elegance. The average price of an apartment in such an area is about $400 per square meter.

Of course, there are many other areas in Istanbul where there are cheap apartment prices, and their costs are acceptable to many middle classes.

• The benefits of these apartments

Living in an active area in a city like Istanbul at a cheap price compared to prices in general, is an excellent opportunity for those who take advantage of it, because it will achieve living in an important place at a price that is not exorbitant.

There is a very high possibility of real estate prices changing in the area in which you live, this will bring you profits if you decide to sell the apartment you bought at a low price in the past years, as the various areas in Istanbul are witnessing prosperity and continuous activity and it is possible that your area is one of those areas

Buying a cheap apartment in Istanbul allows people coming from abroad to take advantage of this commercially. If he finds an apartment with an exceptional price, this will enable him to use the rest of the money he owns and start free trade business or invest the money with him, and this is definitely due to the presence of an apartment Cheap has saved the owner extra money. This is definitely due to the existence of a cheap apartment that has saved the owner additional amounts of money.

When living in cheap apartments in Istanbul, there is a high probability that you will not pay any fees or revenues that may be for cleaning or public services. Such services are found in residential complexes, and these fees do not include cheap apartments.

• The most important factors that contribute to determining the price of an apartment in Istanbul

Certainly, there are many factors that contribute to determining the price of apartments in Istanbul, the most important of which is the proximity of the apartment to the main areas of the city. The closer the apartments are to the vital areas of the city, the higher the price of this apartment. For sure, the price of the apartment located on the outskirts of the city, will differ from those near the important and main areas.

The height of the floor is also one of the factors that affect the value of the apartment. The higher the floor that contains the apartment, the higher the price of this apartment. This is a matter that must be taken into account and paid attention to.

Certainly, the location and the view of the apartment are one of the most important reasons that contribute to the price of the apartment. Apartments that overlook the sea will definitely have a higher price than the rest of the apartments.

In the end, we find that the options in the city of Istanbul are large and diverse, and whoever wants to buy an apartment for a lifetime, must strive through a search process that is not limited. The larger the search range, the greater the chances of obtaining an inexpensive apartment in a city like Istanbul.

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