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Feb 5, 2023

Villas for sale in Istanbul in the most prestigious areas

The successful investment or the optimal residence may be realized in the idea of ​​searching for villas for sale in Istanbul, the European or Asian side, and owning them or investing in them. Studies indicate that choosing Istanbul is the best choice because it includes thousands of historical tourist attractions that attract millions of visitors to it. In addition to the distinctive and strategic location of the city between the continents of Europe and Asia. And the development plans and projects that the Turkish government is setting up in the city, not to mention the distinctive and diverse villas in the diversity of regions. Istanbul is large and its areas are vast, so the villas in it are many and varied.

o Villas for sale in Istanbul

Here are some of the distinguished sites on the European side of Istanbul, where you can search for suitable villas for you, whether for family housing or for rent as a safe investment project, so you can find suitable villas in the following areas:

The Bosphorus, where it is located, resembles historical palaces designed according to a system with a classic European character.

Beylikdüzü area, which is a new center of Istanbul, where villas in this area have wonderful views of the sea.

Zakariakoy area, which is characterized by its strategic location amidst the picturesque nature, and at the same time it is close to important facilities and services.

In Bahcesehir, an area close to social amenities and easily accessible from the center of Istanbul.

the advantages and strategic locations of villas in Istanbul are many, and the options are many for investors.

The proximity and distance from the European center of Istanbul and the historical areas, the sea views, and the areas supported by mega projects all play a key role in choosing the villa in Turkey.

factors affecting the prices of villas in Turkey :


Where the proximity of the site or its distance from the city centers directly affects the determination of the value of the villa, as the villa located in the heart of the city has a higher price than the one located in the suburbs.

As well as the villa's proximity to historical areas and sea views, all of this plays a key role in determining the value of the villa to be evaluated.

Condition of the villa

In the event that the villa is under construction, it is usually expected that its price will be relatively low, which leaves a better margin for a good return on investment compared to the villa ready for housing, in addition to the possibility of a price improvement in the future.

area of ​​the villa

It also plays a key role in determining the prices of the villa, but you should pay attention to the protrusions, the net area, the total area and the internal division, and in general, the larger the area of ​​the property, the lower the unit price per square meter .

The supply and demand

Like any other commodity, real estate is affected by the law of supply and demand so that prices fall when supply is available and in return rise when it is scarce.

Villas for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side

The Asian part of Istanbul includes many unique tourist destinations with scenic views, and is also famous for its ancient streets such as Baghdad Street, which is one of the most important and famous streets within the Asian side of Istanbul, and is parallel in importance to Istiklal Street on the European side of the city, as it extends from the municipality Kadikoy (Qadiköy) to the municipality of Maltepe, about 14 km away. The best restaurants in Istanbul, the Asian side, are spread there. The shops and markets of all kinds are distributed along the street, and around it, the Asian malls of Istanbul compete with their offers, splendor, quality of designs and goods.

As for the prices of villas in Asian Istanbul, it has entered into a sharp competition with its European counterparts, due to the fact that most of the neighborhoods of the Asian side in Istanbul are characterized by a charming green nature, sophistication in services, and relative calm compared to the European part, not to mention the multiplicity of tourist places in the Asian part of Istanbul.

Cheap villas for sale in Istanbul

Strategic places in which there are cheap villas for sale in Istanbul, and many of these villas have charming and wonderful sea views overlooking various vital and natural places in various neighborhoods of the city, such as:

 Buyukcekmece, Bahcesehir, and Basaksehir.

In conclusion, we note that the buying market in Turkey is witnessing a great demand due to the facilities provided by the Turkish state to all investors and those wishing to buy villas, in addition to the fact that the prices of villas in Istanbul are good compared to the prices of villas in Europe, and this increases the desire of investors in them.

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