Turkish Real Estate Citizenship for Palestinian Investors

In terms of investing Turkey is a country which opens a brotherhood relationship with its neighborin...

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Investment is a way to increase profits and achieve financial goals. It is necessary to take the right investment decisions, and to avoid risks. Currently, Turkey has given investors a great opportunity to invest where it is possible to buy a property for investment, high returns and acquisition of Turkish citizenship. 

One of the most interested people in this investment is the Palestinian nationality.

According to the Turkish citizenship law, anyone who owns a property with a total value of $ 250,000 can get Turkish citizenship provided that several conditions are met, including:

·  Bring an effective passport.

·  Contract to buy property after 18/09/2018

·  Payment of the full value of real estate and the equivalent of at least $250,000 in full through wire transfers.

·  Submit a real estate appraisal paper on the property that will not be less than the value of $250,000.

Turkish real estate citizenship for Palestinian investors

Important details to be considered:

1. Copy of the passport issued from the country of origin, Turkish government accepts only passports issued by a Palestinian embassy anywhere in the world. Even if you have a passport of the Palestinian authority without a national number you can buy and obtain Turkish citizenship after you meet other conditions.

2. You must buy real estate and pay its full value by wire transfer and record the hawala number along with the tapu number when submitting the papers to the Turkish government.

3 .While buying the property, if you want a higher percentage, you must purchase under construction real estate within specific projects belonging to large construction companies to ensure the continuation of the project you invested in without any problems. You are kindly advised to visit the projects and identify the large construction companies in Turkey before buying.

4 . When you buy a property under construction and you want to sell after the completion of the construction of the project and its being ready for delivery, you can earn between 15% to 100%, depending on the date of delivery of the project and according to specifications of the project etc.

5 . When you want to buy in a ready project to be delivered directly, you will not be able to get higher return because you basically bought it in the final stage and must wait until the opening of important facilities nearby to raise the value of the property.

6 . Read about the project you want to buy and study it well and see if important infrastructure or important facilities are to be opened near it such as Metro station or mall or university etc. because these are the most important factors that raise the future price of the property.

And certainly, we have many options for ready to move and under construction projects. We offer to all our customers after the purchase of property worth $250,000 or more, an interview with our company's lawyer, who is a legal expert advisor for the citizenship process who will guide you throughout the process free of charge.

Contact us for more details.

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